My Friends ~ You Guys are the Best!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Who Am I?

Like the picture? Me too, although other than the fact we are in the month of October, the picture has nothing to do with today’s post. The table is my friend, Frannie’s. Miz Frannie decorates for everything! She’s wonderful, energetic, dynamic, a little crazy and very creative! I want to be Frannie when I grow up (I know, I am running out of time!).

So, here is the question of the day. Can you describe yourself in five words?

See, I’ve been thinking about this and it is difficult, because I tend to want to “explain” me!

I can describe the weather ~ chilly, windy, cloudy, windy and windy! Why is it windy in October? It should be windy in March.

I can describe my kids ~ five, two girls, three boys, awesome, hard workers (well, the grown ones), loveable!

I can describe my husband ~ loyal, a little controlling at times *but in a good way,* talented, a true best friend, funny, and likes to take the road less traveled. Okay, I know that was 6, but loyal and a true best friend are nearly the same.

So, how do I describe myself? Looking inside me is hard. Sometimes, it is almost uncomfortable. Ya know?

Anyway, here goes:

Mother, grandmother
A country gal, through and through!

Oh yeah, I had another email from The J. Peterman Company! Man, I love their catalog!

Okay, all this wind is getting to be too much. It can stop “sweeping down the plain” anytime!
Hmmm, maybe I should have added packrat to the list! Just thinking out-loud.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Getting A Jumpstart on the Holidays!

For those of you who are already hearing sleigh bells and sipping hot chocolate, this is a unique website, you are going to love! Be sure and visit the kitchen and look through all the great recipes with just a click! Enjoy!
Okay, the banner doesn't work and I don't have time to track down the cause, so here is the link ~
Hope this works!