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Friday, January 27, 2012

Fearless Friday, January 27th

Hi, everyone!

It is late, so I am going to try to make this quick.  I may have to finish posting it in the morning.

Today is Fearless Friday, when many of us across the internet gather in cyber world to pray for the needs of others.  We love to take your needs to the Father in prayer and feel it is a great honor to have the opportunity to do so.

If you need prayer or would like us to pray for someone else, be sure and leave a comment or you can email me.  You can also contact my friend, Angela, if you would like.  You will find our information in my sidebar.

There is a precious little girl, Tenlee, who is in great need of prayer.  The following is taken directly from my buddy, Linda’s (Prairie FlowerFarm) website:

Tenlee had heart surgery on Monday January 25, everything went wonderful and all day she responded very well. On Tuesday Morning the respiratory tech went to give her a breathing treatment and the machine got reversed and sucked all the air from her lungs. This stopped her heart. They put her on life support and gave her 50-50 chance of surviving. Thank you ladies for praying. 

Isn’t she precious?!!

Also, please keep Tenlee’s parents and other family members in your prayers.  Also, Tenless’s grandmother request we pray for the respiratory tech, who was administering the treatment when the accident happened.


This is what we learned when we made it back to the hospital. Tenlee had blood work done to test blood gas levels, a scan of her brain, chest xrays, and an echocardiogram. Not sure if that is spelled correct. Everything was swelling of the brain, blood levels good, AND her heart has begun to work correctly!!! So, right now they are saying no surgery. It's that amazing. Yesterday there was so much damage that it had to be done again and today the damage is gone. Hummm, wonder who did that?! Praise God! The lungs are another story. They said that on the xrays that the left lung is white which means it is still deflated. The right is white at the very top and the very bottom. But the right is beginning to function. She was placed on a different type of ventilator that blows 340 puffs of air into her lungs each minute. This is suppose to help open the left lung and help it stay open. The doctor has started weaning her off the machines. The machine that is doing the work of the heart goes by numbers. It started at 650 which is doing everything for her heart. A few minutes ago, it was at 440 and Tenlee's heart is doing more of the work. As a matter of fact, she had a reaction to a med that she was receiving because her heart was also working and she needed less of the medication. They are continuing to give less and less of the medication as her heart does more. They are also trying to lessen her sedation. When we play with her toes, she will wiggle them. Also, one eye is trying to open. Kisa touched her eyelid to close it and Tenlee quickly opened her eye. It was almost as if she knew it was Mom. I'm sure it was a reaction to the touch but it was still exciting to see her open her eye.

NOW, don't think too much! She still has a long way to go but they are hoping to have her completely off the heart machine tomorrow afternoon. We will see. And, it will depend on what the lungs do. I will send another email as she makes IMPROVEMENTS. Doesn't that sounds wonderful. Until tomorrow, we love you all and appreciate all you are doing for our Tenlee.

Regina & Jack

1st email It is 9:16 on Friday morning. Heard from Regina that little Tenlee went potty. That sounds funny she said, but for them it is wonderful. Keep praying. That was answered prayer!!!!!!!

Also another Grandma wrote today and needs prayer for Charlotte her 2 year old grand-daughter. They were taking her to the hospital as she had been sick for 2 weeks and they didn't know what was causing it. She said thank you!
(Thanks for keeping us updated, Linda!) 
Keep praying, guys!

Also, I am asking for prayers for the following people for salvation ~ David S., Lynn G., Leigh and Stacy H., Scott T., and Joe and Darlene T. 

I am asking that you pray for David S.'s health along with his salvation and pray for Anita T. who will be having surgery today (Friday).

Please lift my friend Bren in prayer ~ for healing and social security has totally messed up her monthly amount and she is having problems with the Medicare paperwork.  Pray that these bookkeeping mistakes are taken care of quickly.

Pray for Beth and her husband, as they are dealing with a number of stressful situations going on.

Several have asked me to pray for their finances.  And I am sure there are more of us who could use prayer in this area.  I am asking God to meet all of our needs, according to HIS riches in glory!  After all, he owns the cattle on a thousand hills!  He is able to meet our every need.

Linda has some housing needs (me too! And my family) and we are praising God and looking forward to what HE has in store for us in this area.

Praying for David O. to be placed in the job ABBA has for him and praying for Jenny O. to receive a fair insurance settlement soon.

Asking for God to provide a job for Shoshannah and for Mack.
Praising God that the young missionary that was ambushed in Haiti is making such an awesome recovery!!!

Pray for a safe trip back to Texas for Lynne and Sam.  They will be traveling sometime next week.

Also, lift Richard W. to the Father for healing.

There are many more needs, but I will be updating this list through out the weekend…..and praying through out the coming week.

Please be praying for my friends and followers.  Many of us are doing the Sacrificial Diet and would appreciate your prayers.

Welcome new follower(s)….love that you are here!!!

Blessings of peace, the Shalom of God, on your homes and families.
Have a blessed weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook ~ Wednesday, January 25th (10:20 p.m.)

   Welcome new followers!  So happy you are here!

The Simple Woman’s Daybook

Outside my window...  ~  dark, most likely  cloudy, misting.  It rained today and was cooler at 43, than the warm temps we have been enjoying the last few weeks.  Tomorrow, the forecast calls for sunshine and temps back in the 60’s.  It has been such an unusual January.

I am thinking... ~ that sometimes life isn’t fair.

I am thankful for...  ~ healthy children and grandchildren.

I am wearing...  ~ pajama bottoms and an old stretched out T-shirt that has seen better days.

I am creating… ~ if what I am creating in my head counts, I am working on more projects than I can count.  In the physical, I’m having difficulty in keeping up.  I am still working on sorting and organizing, so you could say I am creating an organized and orderly home.  However, that seems to be a never ending job!

From the learning rooms... ~ we are working mostly on the basics, with more being done on the computer, which gives me a little more time for sorting and organizing.  I was reading on a message board and you know, everyone has an opinion about homeschooling.  Let me say, I am the first to admit, I can be a little too lax at times.  But the comment was made, “There is very little bullying going on in the homeschool environment.”
Sometimes we overlook the true blessings…. the ones that are so obvious.  My boys do not fear what another student may say or do as in the case of bullying.  And when we are out in a setting where they notice someone being bullied, they are appalled that people act that way.
I am thankful…. ~ small things, but so important.

I am remembering… ~ special moments with my sweet guy!

I am praying … ~ for family members, for some very special prayer requests and for our country and the country of Israel.

I am going...  ~ planning a short getaway this spring to visit my aunt, my mom’s sister.  I think she will be 91 in April.  Looking forward to spending some time with her.

 I am currently reading...  ~ right now I am not reading much, other than my Bible and seed catalogs.  I did read two books earlier (not sure if it was during the last part of December or the first part of January).  One was by Karen Kingsbury and I’m trying to remember the other one….
Ah well, it was good, but right now I am drawing a complete blank! ;)
I am hoping...  ~ that one day, I’ll wake up and Blogger will have all the wrinkles ironed out and I will be able to comment on other blogs…. all blogs!

I am looking forward to... ~ Spring!  I’m looking forward to new farm babies and wondering how many goat kids we will have.  Looking forward to walk barefoot in the warm, fresh tilled, garden.  Like I said, SPRING!

On my mind...  ~ Gabby (Gabrielle Chenae), or granddaughter # 1.  She is 12 today!

Noticing that... ~ we need to do some major repairs on the house or get in gear with our building plan.

From the kitchen...  ~  since I have been doing the Sacrificial Diet, the kitchen hasn’t been quite so busy.  I did prepare a good dinner tonight.   
Chicken fried steak ~ mashed potatoes ~ gravy and salad
Homemade oatmeal cookies 
(I had some dough in the freezer, left from the holidays)

Hubby and boys were happy!
Around the house...  ~ I’m making progress…. some days, I think I am probably the only one who notices.

One of my favorite things… A warm cozy quilt that smells like it just came off the clothesline, but feels like it just came out of the dryer!!

A picture to share… ~

 I think I found this on Pinterest.  Doesn't it scream

Quote of the Week… ~
From my friend, Jeanie’s daughter, Shannon ~

“Don't argue with idiots.  They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience!!”
Be sure and visit The Simple Woman’s Daybook for more daybook entries.

Happy 12th Birthday, Gabby!  Love you, Sweetie!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sanctity of Life Sunday

It has been 15 years…..years of joy, years of tears.

(I had every intention of writing this last week, before the actual day was here.  But finally, now I have time to put both my thoughts and memories on paper.)

The phone woke me between three and four in the morning.  The voice on the other end was familiar and scared….crying.  Will you come, please?

Six and a half hours later, I was back home.  As I sat in a tub of very warm water with only a small candle for light, I was trying to relax, trying to process my day.  I had already missed church.  The next thought grabbed me….it was Sunday, January 19th, Sanctity of Life Sunday (1997).

I had wanted to do something meaningful.  Something to make a statement on this day!

Our country church was small.  Other churches all over the United States, maybe the world, were planning events to call attention to the fact, that life, all life is sacred.

Some were placing blue and pink crosses on their church lawns…others were planning on hosting afternoon rallies.  The news and been full of plans for upcoming events……events I would miss, was missing.  How I had wanted to be a part of such a special exercise in celebrating life!!!  But our church was small…rural, more elderly than young people….not that I was all that young at 49.  We had already raised three wonderful kids, two daughters and a son.  The year before, we had opened our hearts and home to an infant boy….another son.  We were busy and life was something that needed to be celebrated!

My thoughts began to drift.  I was so stinking tired!  Why wouldn’t God allow me to be apart of Sanctity of Life Sunday?  I closed my eyes….relaxed, soon I was really drifting.  I dozed off.

I’m not sure if it was the water getting cold or the smell of burning wood that woke me.  But for the second time that day, I woke with a “start”. 

The smell of wood burning….I had placed the candle on a shelf that set too close to the shelf above.  It had scorched the paint!  Oh well, you had to be lying in the bathtub, looking up to see the damage…..thank goodness. 

What was I doing?  Oh yeah, memories of thoughts of Life….that’s where I was.  “Lord, that would have been so awesome just to be apart of what was taking place today.”

It was quiet.

Then, that still small voice, “Really, Cheryl?  Where were you early this morning?”


“Why were you there?”

…..because “Dee” called, she was in labor and scared

“Do you remember what happened?”

…..yes, I sat with her through labor, until the baby was born
OH!!!  (I got it!)

Our third son joined our family on Sanctity of Life Sunday…..because “Dee” was the birth mother of our second son, the baby boy who had been home with Papaw while I went to the hospital.

Three days later, we brought home a beautiful baby boy!  We call him “Teamer” because Elijah (his older brother) couldn’t pronounce his name, therefore dubbing him Teamer.  So, Teamer it was and Teamer it is!

Taken two years ago, Teamer on the left with the fish (of course) and Rusty, our nephew.

He is the “heartbeat” of our home, always finding something to make us laugh or cry!  He loves anything boyish and outside!  Night and day different from Elijah (our electronic wiz), Teamer is rough and tumble.  Always into something, usually a mess, he loves to fish and loves to hunt.  He is an inventor, a builder and a budding mechanic. 
 Feeding the fish
Papaw has said, "Elijah may draw up the plans for rockets one day, but Teamer will fly those babies!"

Life is never dull and life is always sacred.


Friday, January 20, 2012

Walking In Grace, An Update, + it is Fearless Friday!

My friend Angela talks about "teachable moments."
She told us, when we started this journey, we would discover

Teachable Moments.
And so we have.

Mama always said: 
If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all!
I tell the boys this same thing all the time!
We have even memorized this scripture ~

Keep thy tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking guile.   
Psalm 34:13 

So imagine my surprise when (in front of company tonight), my dh was telling this story…..and he was a little off on his facts, at which point I was about to correct him…and God said, NO!
Ahem...ahem....ahem....excuse me?
And my spirit heard these words.......
"will what you say change the story....does it really matter...
Why would you want to bring injury to him over something so trivial?
It's of no worth, no importance.  His spirit (on the other hand), that is of great worth, very important.
And so are you.  Be still and know I AM God."
Teachable Moments....learning to be quiet...learning to
Speak No Evil 
Was it on here, a few weeks ago I talked about Joshua and Caleb?  (it may have been somewhere else)  Nevertheless, you know the story of the 12 spies Moses sent to 
Canaan ~ The Promise Land!  The Land God had already given them. 
Ten came back, with words of defeat on their lips (and all their words were true), but Joshua and Caleb looked at God's promises, 
not the circumstances .
Joshua and Caleb did not say ~ the land if full of giants and we are but as grasshoppers.  No, they said, "Let us go up and possess the Land!"
They saw the promise!
10 spoke the truth because they looked at the circumstance and God judged them for it. 
2 spoke the truth of God's Word concerning their circumstance and were rewarded.
Are you a Joshua or Caleb
or are you one of the ten?

We have to learn to "Speak No Evil".
Rather, our words should be like honey.
"How sweet are thy words unto my taste! yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth!" 
~ Psalm 119:103 ~       
I know I have said this before....speak life (choose LIFE).  Speak life to yourself, speak God's WORD to your spirit.
Speak life to your family members.  Become a Joshua or a Caleb.  Choosing to speak LIFE is the greatest success we can attain.

 Now....update, I just finished Day 3 of the Forty Day Fast

Day 1 was okay....I was excited with anticipation.

Yesterday, Day 2, was awesome!  Wonderful.  I know I was being carried on the prayers of others.

Day 3, the most difficult, but I was never hungry.  Just kind of a strange day.  (It started with me on the phone with AT&T for 2 hours.  Unfortunately, that sort of set the tone.)

For those of you who haven't read the previous post, I am joining some other ladies in fasting two meals a day, plus desserts.  I am also fasting bread as well.  To join us, go here

Even though today was difficult, 
I am LOVING every minute of it!!! is
Fearless Friday!
 (You can find more information concerning Fearless Friday on my sidebar ---> to the right.)
Many of us are praying for you.  Many of you have left me comments or sent me emails.  You, your situations, and your families and friends are in my prayers and the prayers of others.

I found the following verse, when I was studying about the words we speak....(my words, when I should speak HIS Words).  And I am going to ask you to focus on this scripture during the coming  week.  I will definitely be focusing on these same words.

"Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers."
Ephesians 4:29
We need to get a hold of the idea of ministering grace, to ourselves and others.  
Refuse to let evil corruption come out of  your mouth.  You may have to take every thought into captivity...that's okay!  You can do this in HIS strength!!!
I am praying for your requests, as are many more!  
I ask ABBA, "that NO weapon formed against you (and yours) will prosper and that those who rise in judgement, that HE (God) will condemn each one."
(Isaiah 54:17)
"That the blood of Yeshua/Jesus would cover every area of your would cover your home, your family, your pets, your animals, that this same blood would cover your finances, your emotions, your physical body, your spiritual life!"  
There is nothing stronger than the blood of JESUS....and the devil cannot cross the "bloodline".
I ask that in those areas where we might need deliverance, that we be delivered!
The Bible says, we have not, because we ask not...
So ASK!  And like Joshua and Caleb, ask in faith. 
and Last....I'm asking God to give you abundantly more than you ask or think and to provide you with the GRACE you need for each day!
Open you hearts and accept God's blessings!
Love you!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 1

Wichita Mtns. Wildlife Refuge
In the beginning ......

Today is the first day of a 40 Day fast for some of us.  Forty days of eating only one meal a day and completely fasting from desserts. 

It is really going better than I had expected it to.  Praise God!  I know that it is because of prayer!  And I am really thankful for those of you who are praying!  May you be richly blessed in return!

Dealing with the flesh is kind of like dealing with a two year old.  Sometimes, you just have to distract it!  So here is a list of 60 things to do in place of eating!

Remember ~
Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.  Romans 8:37

(now)  Sixty (positive) things to do…….
                             Instead of eating!

  1. pray
  2. read a devotion
  3. call a friend
  4. write a note
  5. pull the weeds out of the flower bed
  6. sit in the garden and sketch a picture
  7. take a nice long spa bath (*)
  8. start your novel
  9. watch something that makes you laugh! (*)
  10. go for a walk…
  11. go visit a neighbor
  12. get online and *talk* to somebody
  13. memorize a Bible verse
  14. go checkout the sunset….take your camera
  15. shape your eyebrows *ouch*
  16. write out your plans for the next day
  17. take time to dream
  18. begin a gratitude list
  19. write down the day of the month, now list all the people who have birthdays on that day (regardless of their birth month)….soon you will have a calendar list of who to pray for each day of the month.  On the 25th of each month, I pray for granddaughter, Gabby (Jan.) and grandson, Jailen (Aug.).  Now I pray for all my grandchildren daily, but on the 25th of each month, I REALY pray for these two!
  20. work on your scrap book
  21. take time to journal
  22. give yourself a manicure….hey, or go get one!
  23. give yourself a pedicure…..hey, or go get one!
  24. pick a topic that has always interested you and start learning more about it.
  25. write out a weeks worth of menus
  26. make your grocery list
  27. go do your hair
  28. crochet
  29. knit
  30. fold a load of clothes
  31. pick one room and throw away ten things!...or recycle ten items!
  32. write a thank  you card
  33. plan a party or a lunch for you and two of your best friends
  34. write a note to one of your children or grandchildren, telling them how special they are
  35. take the vinegar and soda and clean the bathroom drains…it’s fun making volcanoes!
  36. go through and organize old pictures…be sure and write names and dates on back
  37. clean the patio door
  38. go outside and just breathe!
  39. clean out a drawer
  40. read a book!
  41. arrange flowers (limbs, leaves…whatever) for your table or mantel
  42. take time to just listen
  43. make a list of ten places you would like to visit and why
  44. write out ten goals
  45. write out your life’s mission statement
  46. go online and visit a missionary’s website
  47. go to the library
  48. plant some seeds or re-pot a plant
  49. learn to weave (do potholders count?)
  50. pass out ten hugs!
  51. shave your legs
  52. make a cup of tea….apple cinnamon…yum!
  53. clean off a shelf
  54. exercise
  55. go through your magazines and set aside the ones you are finished with to donate to a nursing home or retirement center
  56.  take a child for ice cream (ice cream eaten with a child does not count as eating), better yet play catch!
  57. clean your ears or clean out your purse
  58. give your hair a hot oil treatment
  59. look at seed catalogs
  60. embroidery or cross stitch (when you finish, feel free to send them to me) ;) 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

You are invited .........

Since tomorrow is a holiday and the temperature here in Oklahoma is forecast to be in the 70's, I think we should get together for a lazy afternoon of food and fellowship!

Okay, considering some of us are dieting, we'll go easy on the food part.....maybe some nice salads and fresh fruit!  A little grilled chicken would be a great addition.  What do you think?

But mostly we will share in some girl talk!

We'll move all the tables and chairs outside and pretend summer is just around the corner!  We'll visit about our gardens, the baby chicks, and about "kidding season" (which is just about upon us ~ I think we have 16 does that are bred....since single births are rare, oh my!  Baby goats everywhere!  I can't wait.)

(This year I will take tons of pictures, promise!  Last year was just a bad a difficult time with Granny's death.)

We'll laugh....a lot!  And PRAY for each other!

We'll share our dreams and enlarge our borders!

We'll look at pictures of kids and grandkids and share stories of generations that have passed.

We can make candles and maybe some soap or we could enjoy a walk to the pond..... stopping by to check the horses....(we'll wait and let you help worm them on your next visit. LOL).

(Remember, about this time last year....there was this (?) accident and I found myself lying on the is always interesting!) 

We'll talk about why I want four of these:

Yes, tents!  We could have some great family retreats!

It would be fun!
(I am working on talking dh into it.)

Okay, is calling me back to the present....

I mostly just wanted to let you know, I am thinking about each of you today and praying for you and your families!  May you have a very blessed SONday!

Julie, I visited two of your blogs and am now following!!  

Still can't comment on most blogs, which drives me crazy.  Yesterday, I thought blogger had repaired the problem (after all these months), but when I tried to comment on a couple of blogs....NOTHING!!! 

New followers, WELCOME!  Love that you are here!

Now to see what the family is up to!

May you guys each have a productive, safe week ahead full of love and laughter!

Blessings & hugs,

P.S. I really do want four (or five) tents to set up during the summer months for family and friends!  Along with my dreams of finishing the outdoor kitchen! 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Say What's On Your Mind and Ride A Fast Horse!

Say What's On Your Mind and Ride A Fast Horse!

I have this saying on a plaque in my kitchen.  It's more of a warning!  LOL  
(Except some in my family don't get it....what can I say?)

This is a "this and that" post.

January is always filled with anticipation, as we watch and wait to see God's glorious plan unfold in our lives during the coming months! A new page, fresh, clean.  What will it look like by the end of December 2012?

So, do you have plans for 2012?

Do you have a bucket list of things to do, accomplish or places to visit?

Or maybe it is things you want to learn.

I am one of those who is constantly making lists in my head.  Currently, I am thinking of some of the books I want to read in 2012.

(This list will grow, as  I love to read!)

His Hallowed Name Revealed Again, Keith Johnson

Kisses From Katie, Katie Davis 

The Bailey Flanigan Series, Karen Kingsbury

House of Secrets, Tracie Peterson

If you would like to know about any of the books listed, click on the authors.  Now, I'm on the lookout for some historical fiction.  Love it!

A couple of days ago I blogged about the 
So, if you read that post you know my biggest undertaking for the coming months is loosing 117 lbs.
(Yesterday didn't go too well.  Today has been better.) 

I feel I need to share a couple of things with you tonight..... today (Friday) was Fearless Friday.

Several of us were praying for you today.....whatever your need, whatever you were going through, we were praying your needs would be met, for your path to be made straight and that the glory of the LORD would be with you!

And this scripture ~

Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.  ~  Romans 8:37

In this life, we go through many things.  We experience good things and we experience trials, but we do not go through these trials alone.  HE is always with us....always!


Ann Voskamp has written an awesome post on commitment and marriage, entitled 

Read it.  You'll be blessed!

May you have a very blessed weekend,