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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook ~ Wednesday, January 25th (10:20 p.m.)

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The Simple Woman’s Daybook

Outside my window...  ~  dark, most likely  cloudy, misting.  It rained today and was cooler at 43, than the warm temps we have been enjoying the last few weeks.  Tomorrow, the forecast calls for sunshine and temps back in the 60’s.  It has been such an unusual January.

I am thinking... ~ that sometimes life isn’t fair.

I am thankful for...  ~ healthy children and grandchildren.

I am wearing...  ~ pajama bottoms and an old stretched out T-shirt that has seen better days.

I am creating… ~ if what I am creating in my head counts, I am working on more projects than I can count.  In the physical, I’m having difficulty in keeping up.  I am still working on sorting and organizing, so you could say I am creating an organized and orderly home.  However, that seems to be a never ending job!

From the learning rooms... ~ we are working mostly on the basics, with more being done on the computer, which gives me a little more time for sorting and organizing.  I was reading on a message board and you know, everyone has an opinion about homeschooling.  Let me say, I am the first to admit, I can be a little too lax at times.  But the comment was made, “There is very little bullying going on in the homeschool environment.”
Sometimes we overlook the true blessings…. the ones that are so obvious.  My boys do not fear what another student may say or do as in the case of bullying.  And when we are out in a setting where they notice someone being bullied, they are appalled that people act that way.
I am thankful…. ~ small things, but so important.

I am remembering… ~ special moments with my sweet guy!

I am praying … ~ for family members, for some very special prayer requests and for our country and the country of Israel.

I am going...  ~ planning a short getaway this spring to visit my aunt, my mom’s sister.  I think she will be 91 in April.  Looking forward to spending some time with her.

 I am currently reading...  ~ right now I am not reading much, other than my Bible and seed catalogs.  I did read two books earlier (not sure if it was during the last part of December or the first part of January).  One was by Karen Kingsbury and I’m trying to remember the other one….
Ah well, it was good, but right now I am drawing a complete blank! ;)
I am hoping...  ~ that one day, I’ll wake up and Blogger will have all the wrinkles ironed out and I will be able to comment on other blogs…. all blogs!

I am looking forward to... ~ Spring!  I’m looking forward to new farm babies and wondering how many goat kids we will have.  Looking forward to walk barefoot in the warm, fresh tilled, garden.  Like I said, SPRING!

On my mind...  ~ Gabby (Gabrielle Chenae), or granddaughter # 1.  She is 12 today!

Noticing that... ~ we need to do some major repairs on the house or get in gear with our building plan.

From the kitchen...  ~  since I have been doing the Sacrificial Diet, the kitchen hasn’t been quite so busy.  I did prepare a good dinner tonight.   
Chicken fried steak ~ mashed potatoes ~ gravy and salad
Homemade oatmeal cookies 
(I had some dough in the freezer, left from the holidays)

Hubby and boys were happy!
Around the house...  ~ I’m making progress…. some days, I think I am probably the only one who notices.

One of my favorite things… A warm cozy quilt that smells like it just came off the clothesline, but feels like it just came out of the dryer!!

A picture to share… ~

 I think I found this on Pinterest.  Doesn't it scream

Quote of the Week… ~
From my friend, Jeanie’s daughter, Shannon ~

“Don't argue with idiots.  They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience!!”
Be sure and visit The Simple Woman’s Daybook for more daybook entries.

Happy 12th Birthday, Gabby!  Love you, Sweetie!


  1. I love your photo. It does scream Spring which is what Im looking forward too. I love when the flowers are in bloom.

  2. Hi Cheryl,

    I really think this is's kind of a way to get to know people better. Happy Birthday to your granddaughter, too :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  3. Happy Birthday to your dear GD. Love your enthusiasm about Spring! It is a long way off for us.

  4. Nice blog Cheryl and thank you for following mine. I love the image you posted of the boots!! Happy Birthday to your precious GD!!!

  5. Good stuff rock...:)

  6. popped in here via TSWDB and have enjoyed "meeting" you. Your rural life sounds really FUN! :)


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