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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 1

Wichita Mtns. Wildlife Refuge
In the beginning ......

Today is the first day of a 40 Day fast for some of us.  Forty days of eating only one meal a day and completely fasting from desserts. 

It is really going better than I had expected it to.  Praise God!  I know that it is because of prayer!  And I am really thankful for those of you who are praying!  May you be richly blessed in return!

Dealing with the flesh is kind of like dealing with a two year old.  Sometimes, you just have to distract it!  So here is a list of 60 things to do in place of eating!

Remember ~
Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.  Romans 8:37

(now)  Sixty (positive) things to do…….
                             Instead of eating!

  1. pray
  2. read a devotion
  3. call a friend
  4. write a note
  5. pull the weeds out of the flower bed
  6. sit in the garden and sketch a picture
  7. take a nice long spa bath (*)
  8. start your novel
  9. watch something that makes you laugh! (*)
  10. go for a walk…
  11. go visit a neighbor
  12. get online and *talk* to somebody
  13. memorize a Bible verse
  14. go checkout the sunset….take your camera
  15. shape your eyebrows *ouch*
  16. write out your plans for the next day
  17. take time to dream
  18. begin a gratitude list
  19. write down the day of the month, now list all the people who have birthdays on that day (regardless of their birth month)….soon you will have a calendar list of who to pray for each day of the month.  On the 25th of each month, I pray for granddaughter, Gabby (Jan.) and grandson, Jailen (Aug.).  Now I pray for all my grandchildren daily, but on the 25th of each month, I REALY pray for these two!
  20. work on your scrap book
  21. take time to journal
  22. give yourself a manicure….hey, or go get one!
  23. give yourself a pedicure…..hey, or go get one!
  24. pick a topic that has always interested you and start learning more about it.
  25. write out a weeks worth of menus
  26. make your grocery list
  27. go do your hair
  28. crochet
  29. knit
  30. fold a load of clothes
  31. pick one room and throw away ten things!...or recycle ten items!
  32. write a thank  you card
  33. plan a party or a lunch for you and two of your best friends
  34. write a note to one of your children or grandchildren, telling them how special they are
  35. take the vinegar and soda and clean the bathroom drains…it’s fun making volcanoes!
  36. go through and organize old pictures…be sure and write names and dates on back
  37. clean the patio door
  38. go outside and just breathe!
  39. clean out a drawer
  40. read a book!
  41. arrange flowers (limbs, leaves…whatever) for your table or mantel
  42. take time to just listen
  43. make a list of ten places you would like to visit and why
  44. write out ten goals
  45. write out your life’s mission statement
  46. go online and visit a missionary’s website
  47. go to the library
  48. plant some seeds or re-pot a plant
  49. learn to weave (do potholders count?)
  50. pass out ten hugs!
  51. shave your legs
  52. make a cup of tea….apple cinnamon…yum!
  53. clean off a shelf
  54. exercise
  55. go through your magazines and set aside the ones you are finished with to donate to a nursing home or retirement center
  56.  take a child for ice cream (ice cream eaten with a child does not count as eating), better yet play catch!
  57. clean your ears or clean out your purse
  58. give your hair a hot oil treatment
  59. look at seed catalogs
  60. embroidery or cross stitch (when you finish, feel free to send them to me) ;) 


  1. Oh my goodness...girl this is awesome. Talk about the Lord speaking already to our hearts..And it's only Day One!!! I'm busy (on and off) rearranging my craft/bible study/Free Spirit Haven store (that is what my 'business' is called and since I don't have a 'store' per say as of yet, well I'm working in my basement as of right now instead!!)Been in much prayer (as I do my Cinderella work, stopping from time to time to read a devotional from my Novena book, went to visit my mom and work on her tv room and visited with my aunt and uncle (Mario who I asked for prayers for and God did more than we could ask or imagine). what a lovely visit with them at my mom's..surprised to see them there when Randy and I got there...Now I'm cooking a wonderful nutritional supper for the family and will continue on and off cleaning..I SO need a hair cut though and waxing...May do that tonight too..yahooo if I do..if not..that's ok..God's will be done!
    and prayers..oh ya girl...I want to cry, seriously..I am praising God so much for leading us together and truly guiding us on this ya

  2. Thanks for sharing, wishing much stamina on this 40 day fast,may God richly bless your efforts. Blessings Jane

  3. Love the blog today!!! This is rainbow..I am following you here now..somebody hacked my other blog ;( hope you are doing well


  4. I don't know if I can manage just one meal a day. My days start at 4:00am and don't end until 10:30pm. That's a long stretch and a body needs fuel to keep it running. I'm trying to change WHAT I eat as well as cut back, though. I like the list of things to do instead of eating. I'll have to refer back to it. :)

    While I am here and thinking of it, I'd like to ask for prayer this week. Finances are difficult right now. My husband is still working, but the hours are much less. Add that to everything costing more and more each month and a few bigger one-time expenses like needing 4 new tires on my car and we are feeling pretty stressed. He is in commercial construction and while the company has contracts, the banks are just not releasing funds right now. Who knows when this will change? Thanks, Cheryl.


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