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Sunday, January 15, 2012

You are invited .........

Since tomorrow is a holiday and the temperature here in Oklahoma is forecast to be in the 70's, I think we should get together for a lazy afternoon of food and fellowship!

Okay, considering some of us are dieting, we'll go easy on the food part.....maybe some nice salads and fresh fruit!  A little grilled chicken would be a great addition.  What do you think?

But mostly we will share in some girl talk!

We'll move all the tables and chairs outside and pretend summer is just around the corner!  We'll visit about our gardens, the baby chicks, and about "kidding season" (which is just about upon us ~ I think we have 16 does that are bred....since single births are rare, oh my!  Baby goats everywhere!  I can't wait.)

(This year I will take tons of pictures, promise!  Last year was just a bad a difficult time with Granny's death.)

We'll laugh....a lot!  And PRAY for each other!

We'll share our dreams and enlarge our borders!

We'll look at pictures of kids and grandkids and share stories of generations that have passed.

We can make candles and maybe some soap or we could enjoy a walk to the pond..... stopping by to check the horses....(we'll wait and let you help worm them on your next visit. LOL).

(Remember, about this time last year....there was this (?) accident and I found myself lying on the is always interesting!) 

We'll talk about why I want four of these:

Yes, tents!  We could have some great family retreats!

It would be fun!
(I am working on talking dh into it.)

Okay, is calling me back to the present....

I mostly just wanted to let you know, I am thinking about each of you today and praying for you and your families!  May you have a very blessed SONday!

Julie, I visited two of your blogs and am now following!!  

Still can't comment on most blogs, which drives me crazy.  Yesterday, I thought blogger had repaired the problem (after all these months), but when I tried to comment on a couple of blogs....NOTHING!!! 

New followers, WELCOME!  Love that you are here!

Now to see what the family is up to!

May you guys each have a productive, safe week ahead full of love and laughter!

Blessings & hugs,

P.S. I really do want four (or five) tents to set up during the summer months for family and friends!  Along with my dreams of finishing the outdoor kitchen! 


  1. How delightful Prairiemaid~~~

    I hope you will get your tents someday!

  2. Cheryl, it sounds WONDERFUL! I'm going to be imagining that warm temperature all day...only a high of 42 here. I love goats (we used to have a little pygmy as a pet) and horses and I've always wanted to learn to make soap and candles and prayer is always good. Maybe one day when I get out there to visit Beth we can really have a day like that. I'll hope you have your tents by then and maybe we could have a full-blown "retreat." :)

    Have a wonderful week!


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