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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook, 8/31

Outside my window... ~partly sunny, with heavy clouds. It is starting to smell like rain.

I am thinking... ~ I've almost forgot how to do this!

I am thankful for... ~the blessings that fill our everyday lives.

I am wearing... ~my "everyday" stuff...old T – shirt, older jeans, barefeet

I am remembering...
~what fun new beginnings can be

I am going... ~to begin to make new changes, just not sure what they are or where to start, but change is coming!

I am currently reading... ~nothing ~ who has time to read in the summer, the garden and the bounty there of, has stolen my reading time. However, I have a stack of books waiting for “the right time.”

I am hoping... ~to be a blessing to someone

On my mind... ~the new granddaughter we will get to “meet” one week from today!

Noticing that... ~ there is much to do

Pondering these words... “He that hath an ear, let him hear.”

From the kitchen...
~bbq chicken, beans & cornbread

Around the house...
~chores! I should say, chores that need to be done;)

One of my favorite things ... ~ah, that’s easy ~ with the temps we have had the last 4 weeks, the air conditioner

What I am dreaming about ....

~ fall, isn't it lovely?

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Be blessed and be a blessing,

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Journey

Hello my friends,

First ~

Momza, you know me well. It was a rooster, instead of a skunk.

And the reason I shot the copperhead (even though it was in the road), it was too close to my road! I guess it was a “territorial thing.”

Blogspot still refuses to “let me in!” rrrrgh

I finally went here and there, until I accidentally found a backdoor to the dashboard. That is how I am able to post. I still haven’t discovered a “backdoor” to allow me to the comment section, so that I can answer comments.

Some have suggested I change host, but goodness ~ I’d have to relearn things and at this point it seems like more effort than I have to give. *Just speaking the truth!* So, I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I can always hope whatever the problem is, it will work itself out, or I can wait until January, when old man winter settles in and there is nothing else to do, but fiddle with the computer. Maybe I’ll make the change then.

My Soapbox ~

I’ve been on one of my soapboxes for the last few days and since I have talked about it everywhere else, I might as well spill my “guts” here too.

I had somewhat simmered down, then yesterday I rec’d more upsetting news that once again put me on a roll. I learned Andrew Strom was stopped at the Canadian border by US Immigration and not allowed entry into the country. Strom (from New Zealand) is an evangelist who was scheduled to speak at a number of churches around the country. He and his family were detained for six hours while being denied entry.

I am not familiar with Strom, but after reading his website, I hardly think he or his family deserved to be denied entry and classified as a criminal element. And if this were just one incident, I probably would not be that concerned.

However ~

In the last few weeks, we have seen the National Day of Prayer ruled unconstitutional, yet Ramadan being celebrated at the White House, as well as by other government agencies.

We have heard that Franklin Graham was “dis-invited” to speak at the Pentagon.

I have listened to Christian military chaplains talk about having to have “their prayers” previewed and approved before praying and that they are no longer allowed to pray in the Name of Jesus!

There is also the Dallas pastor that recently called for a spiritual revolution on Sunday and was greeted by the IRS the following Monday, who took away his 501 3 C status.

When referring to the proposed mosque to be built at ground zero, the president said, “Muslims have the right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country.” I agree, Muslims that are American citizens should also be partakers in the area of religious freedom. They, like anyone else, should share in this right. What I am wondering about is the “as anyone else in this country.” Why does anyone no longer include the Christian?

O has said, We are no longer a Christian country. Really?

I agree, we may or may not have a Christian president. However, over 78% of the population claim some form of Christianity. Less than one percent claim to be Muslim. About 11 percent claim to be atheists with other religions falling somewhere within the remaining 10%.

Our country was founded on Christian principles.

And there are two other criteria(s) that prove us to be a Christian nation, despite the fact that we have often fallen short of representing Christianity in the best manner. One is our history! Thomas Jefferson not only called for a Day of Prayer, but also for a Day of Fasting, as have many others over the years.

We need a leader now ~ not necessarily government or church ~ but someone to stand up and call for a Day of both Prayer and Fasting, not just for the sake of our country, but for the sake of the world and our families.

Maybe this is the reason Blogspot no longer likes me? Nope, I don’t get off on a rant very often. And through all of this, I am blessed.

This is the Hebrew month of Elul. It is a special month of mercy and grace. It is a time of Teshuvah ~ literally “to return and repent.” It is a time of drawing near to God and preparing our own heart.

The Hebrew word for “Elul” can be expanded as an acronym for “Ani L’dodi V’dodi Li” or ~ “I am to my Beloved and my Beloved is to me.”

I have been following Pam Shaley’s (Jim Shaley’s mother) Bible study and it has been such a precious blessing.

So, while I am screaming from my soapbox, I am also rejoicing in my heart. It is an exciting time, this time we live in. Just beware of all that is going on! MizzTerry is right, "the snakes, they're everywhere."

Shalom and blessings to each of you!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

♥ Boy, Have I Missed YOU! ♥

How was your summer? Too fast? Yeah, mine too!

I am happy to report our internet problems have improved....or the fact we aren't having as many problems has improved. However, I have been trying to log into blogspot for over a week.....and finally tonight, I'm here!

Being the conspiracy type person I am, I kept trying to remember what the dickens I had written that managed to get me on blogspot's "bad" side? I'm still wondering!

I really don't have much to say tonight! I know that is a little strange for me, as I can usually talk the fleas of a dog. But I am so shocked that I could actually log in, it has left me in a state of confusion.

To you, who I owe candles (and you know who you are), I haven't forgot. I decided since I was dragging my feet anyway, I would wait until I got the new fall fragrances in. I am hoping to have that done soon. I am anxious for anything connected with fall ~ especially fall candles, fall colors, fall mums, pansies, cooler weather, the smell of ..... okay, you get the idea.

Okay, now for something different ~


I know it's not Monday, but this really looked like fun! Besides, I have to see if I still remember how to "link" to something.

Today we are going to play a game called Two Truths and a Lie.
I will tell you three things about myself and you try to figure out which one is the lie.

I'll let you know the answer in the comments section ~ maybe.;)

♥ I once had an almost unfortunate accident that involved me, two body guards, a well known public figure and an elevator.

♥ I once stopped in the middle of the road, got out and shot a copperhead. I then loaded the thing, because I new there was no way "honey hunk" would believe me without proof.

♥ I also shot a skunk that was in our yard. However, I forgot to knock politely on the bathroom door and warn "honey hunk" I was going out to the back yard to shoot said skunk. When "honey hunk" (who happened to be in the shower) heard the shot, he came running out of the house with a towel wrapped around him. He was not very happy with me.

Do you know which one is the lie?

For more truth, lies, and other deceptions, head on over to the rockin' Real Housewives of Oklahoma's blog and play along!

Hope to catch up with all of you over the next few days!


P.S. Blogspot (bless their little heart) isn't allowing me to comment....really! So, I'll post the correct "lie" tomorrow.....if I can out smart blogspot once more and "sneak" in the back door again.