My Friends ~ You Guys are the Best!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Remember, I told you I had to go to the bank and grocery? Sounds simple, right?DD#2 went with me...or I went with her since my van is "ill" and we decided to run to the little town just west of us about 11 miles...little, no stoplight, little.

On the way over there, on the highway in a low spot between two hills was a buffalo. I immediately knew who this rogue belonged too. His owners live at the top of one of the hills. So I called signal...I love cell phones. While I am calling and in a mild panic, we are also trying to keep "Larry" (his name) off the highway. He is nervous as a grasshopper in the chicken coop and insisting on darting back and forth across the highway.

So, while he is kind of off to one side, we do some darting of our own up to said owner (Walt and Penny)'s house. They are not home. However, in their driveway I could get a signal. So I called Penny's cell and asked "Where are you?!" To which she replied.... Ada (Ada is about 17 miles east). I told her what was going on. This is when I learned Larry's name. She said, "Well, I have an appointment in a few minutes. Just try to keep him off the highway." Well duh....sure!

So we go back down the hill, traffic is picking up. Another friend stops....a friend who graduated with DS and is rather "dizzy". But she uses her SUV to help try to block Larry on one side of the highway. Two more *neighbors* stop. One had heard a buffalo was out on the highway via the CB from a trucker.

Between all of us, with DD standing in the middle of the highway trying to slow traffic, one of the neighbors managed to cut the fence enough to hopefully put Larry back in the right pasture. it took a while, and Larry refused to use the hole made for him....he jumped the fence (I didn't know buffalo could jump either).

Then the fence had to be wired back and we then preceeded to the bank and grocery like normal people.

You city dwellers have such a cushy life.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oklahoma Food Co-op ~ Delivery Day!

Wow! I haven’t been here in a few days. The holiday was more than a little hectic around our place. We were suppose to do a petting zoo for a church at Newcastle, but at the least moment, I had van trouble. We had company on Resurrection Day and that night my gall bladder had a “fit.” So, interesting few days going on there.

Anyway, today is co-op day! Yea! The third Thursday of every month is pickup day for the Oklahoma Food Co-Op. And I am writing this because, if you’re missing out on the co-op, you are missing it!

The Oklahoma Food Co-Op is made up of farmers, ranchers, craftsman (craftspeople ?), photographers – just all kinds of producers around the state and consumers who want to buy great quality, locally grown (or made), healthy products!

We buy about 70% of our meat through the co-op, all of our coffee, some cheese, soaps, yogurt, honey, the list is long and grows each month. This month we are also buying homegrown, chemical free strawberries and tomato & pepper plants for the garden. I am looking forward to some great strawberry smoothies in the very near future.

To join the co-op, you go to the website, There you can either join or look things over. The co-op is open for orders on the first of each month. Orders have to be completed by midnight if the second Thursday of the month and delivery day is the third Thursday. And it is great! These producers have some of the very best products that are made in OKLAHOMA!

Have a blessed day, everyone!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dogwood & Redbuds ~ It's SPRING

My oldest DD and I went to Tulsa yesterday to pickup a motorcycle. Traveling through the countryside, I was amazed at how much greener the Tulsa area is, in spite of being two hours northeast of us! Isn't it suppose to get warmer, greener, warmer the further south you are, first? I mean this is ridiculous! (We found ice in the water buckets this's suppose to be spring, already!)

Anyway, through some areas, the trip was spectacular! I love to see the redbud and dogwood blooming side by side. The two of them together shout spring and of good things to come!

All together, we had an interesting trip. It isn't everyday you drive over two hours to try to cram a motorcycle in a mini van! This fact was highlighted when we were leaving the Whole Foods Store in Tulsa. A young man (mid twenties) passed by the van...turned, did a double take then smiled real big. "You've got a motorcycle in your van! How cool is that?!!" In my nicest "grandmotherly" tone, I replied, "Doesn't everybody?"

Darling daughter says there is definitely some material for Jeff Foxsworthy there!, I spent too much money at the Whole Food Store, but I now have a fridge full of beautiful veggies to enjoy over the Passover/Resurrection week and some yummy lotion. It's ylang ylang...I love it. DD#1 doesn't appreciate ylang I only have to share with dh...I'm not telling anyone else I have it!

Have a very blessed week!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Pb & J or a Nice Cozy Fire?

If you read about our excitement here earlier today in my other blog, Kids In the Kitchen, this is the horse that Mac managed to stick her hand in his mouth. He’s got good lines, huh? (THE HORSE!! ~ not Prairie Man). His name is about a mile long, but I call him Smokey. PM calls him Trigger….so all the kids and grands call him Trigger. I am so out numbered around here.

I woke up freezing again this morning! PM had left two windows up. I was already in a bad mood. We didn’t make it to Norman to the Medieval Fair and I really wanted to bungie jump this year….NOT! The Medieval Fair is a great place just to look….great “people watching place.” And even worse, we missed going to the Fur Trade Rendezvous down at Fort Washita. That is one of my favorite Okie events. I have this secret desire to redo/recite our wedding vowels at the Rendezvous one of these years….in era costume…..and I would be skinny. Okay, it’s my dream!!!

Anyway, as I am making the 1,176th peanut butter and jelly sandwich this morning, in his most innocent voice, PM asks me, “Now had you rather be down at Robbers’ Cave (he likes Robbers’ Cave) in a cabin or here make pb & j sandwiches?” So, I am thinking, this has to be a trick question. If I answer the way I want, someone will show up and take my Mamaw’s license away……and if I answer the other way……so, I asked, “does the Robbers’ Cave offer include a fire in the fireplace?” ‘Cause I was still freezing! Come on spring!

Tomorrow, I'm off to Tulsa. Check-out "Decisionally Challenged." You can find it in favorites, too!

Blessings & hugs,

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I meant to share this photo earlier and forgot. Anyway, here it is. Isn't lovely?
This awesome picture was taken by Sherri Walker.

Spring and Oklahoma

We have been experincing spring like weather (off and on) for nearly six weeks. The only problem is the "off" part. Oklahoma weather can be a bit "disfunctional"......that is probably a big understatement!

I just looked at the extended forecast and it is showing a freeze for next Monday night. Blah!

This past week has been "interesting." I've lived in the country for most of my life, but this past week I learned two new things; how to band baby billy goats (so they are no longer "billys") and how to worm horses. When I was walking to the round pen to check the horses poop (sorry), I was thinking I should have brought my camera along. I could have taken pictures of parasites for a future post. But there were no parasites to be seen, just a little undigested hay and grain (looked alot like the grass tracked in on the carpet.) Anyway, that was good news!

Today is our wedding anniversary, number 36! Unbelievable! He is still "the one." Unfortunately, we are not doing anything to celebrate. We have 6 kids (Elijah, Teamer, Ra'Shawn and Jailen (who are always here) and two of Jenny's - Joey and Michaela), so not a lot of celebrating. I complained to one of my friends about not being alone with Prairie Man and she promptly reminded me, "being alone with PM is the reason you are not alone tonight." Point taken. We'll celebrate another time. (I did make him a Banana Cake. Does that count?)

Til next time,