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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring and Oklahoma

We have been experincing spring like weather (off and on) for nearly six weeks. The only problem is the "off" part. Oklahoma weather can be a bit "disfunctional"......that is probably a big understatement!

I just looked at the extended forecast and it is showing a freeze for next Monday night. Blah!

This past week has been "interesting." I've lived in the country for most of my life, but this past week I learned two new things; how to band baby billy goats (so they are no longer "billys") and how to worm horses. When I was walking to the round pen to check the horses poop (sorry), I was thinking I should have brought my camera along. I could have taken pictures of parasites for a future post. But there were no parasites to be seen, just a little undigested hay and grain (looked alot like the grass tracked in on the carpet.) Anyway, that was good news!

Today is our wedding anniversary, number 36! Unbelievable! He is still "the one." Unfortunately, we are not doing anything to celebrate. We have 6 kids (Elijah, Teamer, Ra'Shawn and Jailen (who are always here) and two of Jenny's - Joey and Michaela), so not a lot of celebrating. I complained to one of my friends about not being alone with Prairie Man and she promptly reminded me, "being alone with PM is the reason you are not alone tonight." Point taken. We'll celebrate another time. (I did make him a Banana Cake. Does that count?)

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