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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dogwood & Redbuds ~ It's SPRING

My oldest DD and I went to Tulsa yesterday to pickup a motorcycle. Traveling through the countryside, I was amazed at how much greener the Tulsa area is, in spite of being two hours northeast of us! Isn't it suppose to get warmer, greener, warmer the further south you are, first? I mean this is ridiculous! (We found ice in the water buckets this's suppose to be spring, already!)

Anyway, through some areas, the trip was spectacular! I love to see the redbud and dogwood blooming side by side. The two of them together shout spring and of good things to come!

All together, we had an interesting trip. It isn't everyday you drive over two hours to try to cram a motorcycle in a mini van! This fact was highlighted when we were leaving the Whole Foods Store in Tulsa. A young man (mid twenties) passed by the van...turned, did a double take then smiled real big. "You've got a motorcycle in your van! How cool is that?!!" In my nicest "grandmotherly" tone, I replied, "Doesn't everybody?"

Darling daughter says there is definitely some material for Jeff Foxsworthy there!, I spent too much money at the Whole Food Store, but I now have a fridge full of beautiful veggies to enjoy over the Passover/Resurrection week and some yummy lotion. It's ylang ylang...I love it. DD#1 doesn't appreciate ylang I only have to share with dh...I'm not telling anyone else I have it!

Have a very blessed week!

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