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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oklahoma Food Co-op ~ Delivery Day!

Wow! I haven’t been here in a few days. The holiday was more than a little hectic around our place. We were suppose to do a petting zoo for a church at Newcastle, but at the least moment, I had van trouble. We had company on Resurrection Day and that night my gall bladder had a “fit.” So, interesting few days going on there.

Anyway, today is co-op day! Yea! The third Thursday of every month is pickup day for the Oklahoma Food Co-Op. And I am writing this because, if you’re missing out on the co-op, you are missing it!

The Oklahoma Food Co-Op is made up of farmers, ranchers, craftsman (craftspeople ?), photographers – just all kinds of producers around the state and consumers who want to buy great quality, locally grown (or made), healthy products!

We buy about 70% of our meat through the co-op, all of our coffee, some cheese, soaps, yogurt, honey, the list is long and grows each month. This month we are also buying homegrown, chemical free strawberries and tomato & pepper plants for the garden. I am looking forward to some great strawberry smoothies in the very near future.

To join the co-op, you go to the website, There you can either join or look things over. The co-op is open for orders on the first of each month. Orders have to be completed by midnight if the second Thursday of the month and delivery day is the third Thursday. And it is great! These producers have some of the very best products that are made in OKLAHOMA!

Have a blessed day, everyone!

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