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Thursday, June 24, 2010

We are still having issues, but overall our connection is somewhat better. Mostly, the last few weeks I have been busy with the grandkids and company. That and the fact I nearly have to arm wrestle the bigger kids for my turn on the computer, I need to convince them, this isn’t some type of “timeshare” program.;)

If you are new here, hi! Welcome! I will visit you as soon as possible. Summer is a busy time around here – there’s the garden, separating mamas from babies (and teaching new mamas the ways of the milking barn), canning and freezing ~ and always with lots of company! I love summer!

*Update* ~As I post this, I am also putting up corn! It has taken me three days to get this written. I know, I am slow, but really?!! I wanted to go ahead and post, so pictures will have to follow later. Hugs!

FOR TODAY... from Cheryl's Daybook
Tuesday, June 22nd & 23rd, 2010

Outside my window... ~ it is mid afternoon (98 degrees), the sun is bright, but there is a nice (although warm) breeze. I’ve been watching through the window as dh and the boys work to get the swimming pool set up (finally). I am happy, because this will keep them out of the pond ~ I hope!

I am reminded… ~ a few years back, I thought going to the pond was wonderful. (Maybe wisdom does come with age; or maybe in our youth we are fearless!)

I am thankful for... ~ Like last week, I am still thankful for bedtime! (LOL) And let me tell you, bedtime seems to come later and later. We had old friends over last night. We visited until the wee hours of the morning. We are very blessed by the friendships we have.

I am wearing... ~ I am still in my pj bottoms and a navy blue tee-shirt (see above for why). Whatever would the ‘Fly Lady’ say? Probably, why on earth did you have company so late? (I have managed to pin my hair up, as it is so hot when I go outside.)

I am remembering... ~ summers spent on my great aunt and uncle’s farm and how much I loved being a part of everything there. I pray the children who spend time here will also treasure their memories.

I am going... ~ to be putting corn in the freezer tomorrow, Thursday. It looks very good this year.

I am currently reading... ~ Believe it or not, I haven’t read anything this week, with the exception of the mail, my new MaryJane’s Farm magazine, and my Bible.

I am hoping... ~ for a sudden burst of energy that will allow me to have the perfectly cleaned house, all the veggies put up, the garden weeded and the lawn mowed. (Dreaming, I know.)

On my mind...
~ the oil spill and what this means to all the people in the Gulf States. (and now a general relieved of command)

Noticing that...
~ My red hibiscus! It is gorgeous!;)

Pondering these words...~“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.” Proverbs 9:10

From the kitchen... ~ BBQ chicken, beans, fresh garden veggies and homemade ice cream.

Around the house... ~ it looks like a disaster area! (from last week, but there hasn’t been much improvement.)

I am praying for… ~ our children and family members, and those who have requested prayer. I am praying Proverbs 9:10 for our children, because we all need a healthy dose of wisdom.

I am creating… ~ an oasis, where stress is not an option.

One of my favorite things… ~ sitting in the garden, enjoying the moonlight and sounds of the night.

From my picture book... ~ Pictures coming *I promise!*


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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cheryl's Daybook ~

(Because AT&T Wireless was not connecting, I am posting this late ~ if, when ~ for the same reason, I was unable to visit many of the blogs I had hoped to visit. Continuing to try!

Hey, new followers! Welcome and thank you! As soon as my internet straightens up, I’ll return the favor! If you don’t hear from me in a few days, please leave a comment and remind me. ~ Cheryl)

FOR TODAY... from Cheryl's Daybook
Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Outside my window... ~ it is a dark, moonless, cloudy night. We have a chance of isolated thunderstorms for the next three days.

I am reminded… ~ a few years ago, we scheduled an auction, money was tight. The day before it rained and rained. All you could see was dark heavy clouds, not the type of weather you would want for an auction. I was beside myself with worry and fretting (not praying, fretting). For just a short few seconds, there was a slight break in the clouds and the sun was shinning….then it was gone! And I was (and am) reminded, the sun is never gone. Somewhere above the clouds that hover, the sun continues to shine. And so it is with the Son, above our problems He remains, always there.

I am thankful for... ~ I am thankful for so many things, but frankly, here lately I have been most thankful for bedtime.

I am wearing...
~ black stretch pants, scrub top. I’m waiting on my turn in the shower. Cleaning the freezer is a messy job!

I am remembering... ~ my cousin, Mark. Today is his birthday. Mark is ten years younger than me. He and his wife, Teresa, have recently adopted two very small children. I am so proud of them! But, ten years down the road, I do not envy them. Where did my energy go?

I am going... ~ start a couple of new projects. (Wait and see! *wink*)

I am currently reading... ~ I have read very little this week. I should be studying in the Book of Numbers, but Numbers and Leviticus are always difficult for me, so I procrastinate, which leaves me feeling somewhat guilty. I did read Karen Kingsbury’s Take Three, which is an off shoot of the Baxter series. Now I have to wait for Take Four to be released.

I am hoping...
~ for a few days of nothingness. A few days of no bad news, no sad hearts, no skinned knees, no one complaining about what’s for dinner or whose turn it is to feed the animals. You know…just dreaming the impossible.

On my mind... ~ People without God (how do they cope?), children who are ill ~

Noticing that... ~Memorial Day had a very defining affect on me, but I can’t explain it. Please, don’t misunderstand, as it was a good weekend, a wonderful holiday, spent with family and friends. There has been lots of craziness, which seems to be my norm, lots of material for future posts, but something is different.

Pondering these words... “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.” Proverbs 3:5 ~ Particularly, the last half of the verse.

From the kitchen... ~ I promised to make banana ice cream for company tomorrow evening. Update: We are having fresh green beans with new potatoes, spaghetti, yellow squash, and salad for supper.

Around the house...
~ it looks like a disaster area!

I am praying for…
~ our country and for wisdom.

I am creating…
~ chaos, unfortunately. When did I lose control? Okay, I am trying to regain control. My freezer is clean, awaiting this year’s bounty. The a/c filter is clean and the mountain of laundry resembles the Smokey Mountains instead of the majestic Rockies. Little, by little.

One of my favorite things… ~ early mornings in the garden with my Honey Hunk. (He makes the best coffee! Really!)

Picture thought for today… ~ I was going to share some photos of us cleaning the family cemetery, but I am so completely taken with the picture of this beautiful little girl, I wanted you to see her. Katie’s (at Dishin and Dishes) daughter, Kayla, is in Hyderabad, India, on a summer mission trip. This beautiful little girl is in an orphanage for children with AIDS/HIV. Please pray for the children in this orphanage and for Kayla, along with the other members of the ministry team.

Isn't she precious? So lovely!

You can see more pictures from the mission trip by visiting Katie.

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(I worked at trying to post this until after 3:00 this morning! I'm wondering if AT&T received some tower damage during our wind storm Monday? Anyway, here's hoping I get to finally post this!)


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Catchin' Up!

Lots to talk about…..

Not a lot of time!

LIFE is interrupting my blogging time! Does anyone else have that problem?

First of all, I need to bring you up to date about the hCG diet. Without taking time to look for my form thingie, I’ll just give you the facts, along with the pros and cons.

I started Saturday before Mothers’ Day (I think) and my weight was 248. I had hoped to drop 24 pounds by Memorial Day, which was a little unrealistic for me, even with hCG. I did drop to 234, for a 14 pound loss and I lost 10 ½ inches.

I felt great most of the time. There were two days, I thought my blood sugar was dropping too low, so I ate a little more….an extra apple, a little more lean meat. In doing so, I found that rather than sticking to two meals and keeping my calories near 500 a day, I did better, breaking it into three smaller meals and trying to keep the calories under 700.

This allowed me to add an extra “meal” about 4:00 pm, when I would feel like I was going to “crash” and it prevented me from over eating once dinner was ready.

So, I think like anything else, you have to tailor this for the individual.

I was never really hungry! I did have the munchies….old habits die hard. I did cheat a little. I mean, this covered the time between two holidays and one family birthday, equaling three major family cookouts. When I did cheat a little, I felt like I had eaten an elephant! I mean, it would be like eating two peanut M&Ms and feeling like you had stuffed the whole (economy size) bag in your mouth. I am still very conscious of what I eat, which is a new concept for me. LOL

I also noticed my hair and skin have a healthier appearance and my nails grew like crazy! So that is a plus. Another plus, doing without sugar and grains, I seemed to have starved out the yeast in my system. No yeast infection! Yea! I did a ionic foot cleanse last night and you should have seen the nasty stuff that came out of me. Yuck! I should have taking pictures....not that they would have been pleasant to look at.

Over all, I will most likely do this again. When I get close to my desired weight, I will try to stick to the protocol, since this also makes changes in how the body reacts to food, as well as helping you to lose weight.

On to other things…..lots going on! This past Sunday was the first day in over two weeks we didn’t have extra chillins! And I mean….extra! Instead of the normal 4, we have been running anywhere from 8 to 11 (when they are all here), plus distant cousins from the next farm over. Sunday and yesterday, I tried to blog, but I just “crashed” – sat in the garden, read and slept.

The garden is all planted for now and we are already picking radishes and eggplant. I have a little transplanting to do (mostly herbs), but other than that we are through with the planting until we start putting in fall crops.

Today, we are back to having three extra kiddos, plus we are babysitting DD#1’s two dogs. She and her husband will be cooking for church camps for the next two weeks.

On the agenda here….I am going to clean the a/c filter today and clean out the large deep freeze. Can you believe corn will be ready to start putting up in about three weeks?! Honey Hunk is talking about putting the pool up. I know the boys will be HAPPY! It will take a day or two, as we need to move things around and do some leveling ….but that will keep the guys busy!

For breakfast there is fresh cantaloupe, egg salad and beef smoked sausage, along with lots of coffee and apple cider! Help yourself, then come on out to the shop and help me unload the freezer!

I am going to try….definitely try….to post again this evening as well as visit some of you. I have missed you so much! I even dreamed about some of you and your families!

Besides, I love posting the “Daybook” post….it keeps me focused …..gotta try and get that done.

Have a beautiful, fruitful day!