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Monday, April 6, 2009

Pb & J or a Nice Cozy Fire?

If you read about our excitement here earlier today in my other blog, Kids In the Kitchen, this is the horse that Mac managed to stick her hand in his mouth. He’s got good lines, huh? (THE HORSE!! ~ not Prairie Man). His name is about a mile long, but I call him Smokey. PM calls him Trigger….so all the kids and grands call him Trigger. I am so out numbered around here.

I woke up freezing again this morning! PM had left two windows up. I was already in a bad mood. We didn’t make it to Norman to the Medieval Fair and I really wanted to bungie jump this year….NOT! The Medieval Fair is a great place just to look….great “people watching place.” And even worse, we missed going to the Fur Trade Rendezvous down at Fort Washita. That is one of my favorite Okie events. I have this secret desire to redo/recite our wedding vowels at the Rendezvous one of these years….in era costume…..and I would be skinny. Okay, it’s my dream!!!

Anyway, as I am making the 1,176th peanut butter and jelly sandwich this morning, in his most innocent voice, PM asks me, “Now had you rather be down at Robbers’ Cave (he likes Robbers’ Cave) in a cabin or here make pb & j sandwiches?” So, I am thinking, this has to be a trick question. If I answer the way I want, someone will show up and take my Mamaw’s license away……and if I answer the other way……so, I asked, “does the Robbers’ Cave offer include a fire in the fireplace?” ‘Cause I was still freezing! Come on spring!

Tomorrow, I'm off to Tulsa. Check-out "Decisionally Challenged." You can find it in favorites, too!

Blessings & hugs,

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