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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Remember, I told you I had to go to the bank and grocery? Sounds simple, right?DD#2 went with me...or I went with her since my van is "ill" and we decided to run to the little town just west of us about 11 miles...little, no stoplight, little.

On the way over there, on the highway in a low spot between two hills was a buffalo. I immediately knew who this rogue belonged too. His owners live at the top of one of the hills. So I called signal...I love cell phones. While I am calling and in a mild panic, we are also trying to keep "Larry" (his name) off the highway. He is nervous as a grasshopper in the chicken coop and insisting on darting back and forth across the highway.

So, while he is kind of off to one side, we do some darting of our own up to said owner (Walt and Penny)'s house. They are not home. However, in their driveway I could get a signal. So I called Penny's cell and asked "Where are you?!" To which she replied.... Ada (Ada is about 17 miles east). I told her what was going on. This is when I learned Larry's name. She said, "Well, I have an appointment in a few minutes. Just try to keep him off the highway." Well duh....sure!

So we go back down the hill, traffic is picking up. Another friend stops....a friend who graduated with DS and is rather "dizzy". But she uses her SUV to help try to block Larry on one side of the highway. Two more *neighbors* stop. One had heard a buffalo was out on the highway via the CB from a trucker.

Between all of us, with DD standing in the middle of the highway trying to slow traffic, one of the neighbors managed to cut the fence enough to hopefully put Larry back in the right pasture. it took a while, and Larry refused to use the hole made for him....he jumped the fence (I didn't know buffalo could jump either).

Then the fence had to be wired back and we then preceeded to the bank and grocery like normal people.

You city dwellers have such a cushy life.

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