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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Just Had to Share This!

This is the cutest (and healthiest) idea I've seen in awhile!

I found in on facebook, reposted from
Homestead Survival
reposted it from ~

You can find the complete recipe, plus instructions on how to cut the watermelon there!

Enjoy the summer!


Oh wow!!!  Two posts in one day.....what am I thinking?! ;)


  1. Almost to pretty to eat! : )

  2. Cheryl, it is so good to see that you have been posting some again! I need to come back and spend some time here. My blogging has been a bit sporadic, but I am back doing it on a regular basis again. I've thought of you so are always a blessing and inspiration in your blog posts! Hugs to you dear one.

  3. Hey girl, I posted this on my face book page a few days ago...I so want to try this..I found the pic from a friend's page who made it for her hubby!~ Love ya...

  4. I am so glad that I found your blog again, this is rainbow (rainbows daily life) I am following you here now so will not loose you again


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