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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some of My Favorite Things

Happy Thursday, everyone!

In surfing around the net ~

From Mama’s Losin’ It, prompts for a weekly blog post. Here they are, take your pick!!

The Prompts:

1.) If You Give A Mom A Moment...

2.) What's the message you would craft

3.) Your Fall favorites.

4.) If your pet could talk, what would you want to know?

5.)If you could only focus on three things in life and pursue them fully, leaving everything else, what would they be and why?

I could really run with a couple of these. Take #4 for instance ~ (does she realize how many pets are running around here? Duh! Nah, ‘cause she doesn’t know me.)

Like, why do you keep trying to escape? Bad baby! The boys can't play right now, they have school.

Then there is #5, but it is out as in O-U-T, because the kids are makin’ so much noise I can’t think! Doesn’t it say something in the Bible about being delivered from the “noisome pestilence”?

So, to be safe, I am going with door # 3. I love fall. I would probably love fall even more if I wasn’t homeschooling four boys! (That takes us back to the “noisome pestilence”.)

Some of my favorite things of autumn

*County Fairs

*Apples ~ apple pie, fresh apple cake, caramel apples

*The awesome fall colors

*Crisp cool mornings ~ haze coming up off the pond, dew drops sparkling in the bright morning sun

*Long, (dare I say “quiet”) walks in the woods

*The smell of wood fires

*The soothing taste of apple-cinnamon tea

*Chicken roasting in the oven

*Bonfires with friends

*The boys making homemade root beer

*Pouring candles in all the new fall fragrances for the holidays


*Serving the family fresh cinnamon rolls, hot from the oven

Okay, now I am hungry! Why do I associate fall with so many food smells? Maybe, because I didn’t cook all summer? I did, but cooking in the summer is different than cooking in the fall. In the fall, we can use the oven and the heat actually feels good! We can make the switch from salads to simmering soups and once again enjoy fresh baked bread…okay, okay ~ I am thinking way too much about food! Anyone for a slice of rum cake? It’s still warm!

Thanks for the prompt(s). You rock Mama’s Losin’ It!

May your day be filled with blessings!


  1. Enjoyed your blog....I had just a few minutes to blog hop tonight....
    Hope you will stop by my Christmas blog. I have a great giveaway that I will draw for on
    Oct 1 and a comment is all it takes to enter....

  2. love your list of fall/autum! I agree and now i want a carmel apple lol

    Stopping by with a SSS update:
    we sent out the first round of q&a's if you did not receive an email from us please click the link below and follow the instructions
    Thanks and we are so excited you are joing the SSS


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