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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Meeting the Author, Robin Jones Gunn

Earlier I posted a review of the book Coming Attractions by Robin Jones Gunn. Today, I thought you might enjoy meeting Robin and getting to know her.

Robin was born on a dairy farm in Wisconsin. When she was five, Robin’s family moved to southern California, where they lived next to an orange grove. Robin is a middle child sandwiched between a brother and a sister. Her family attended church regularly, her dad taught history to junior high students, her mom directed a pre-school at their church.
Later, Robin attended Biola University for two years and when she was 21, traveled to Europe to attend a Bible school in Austria. While there she worked for a mission organization in Germany. She and her husband married while he was finishing seminary and they then began a journey together doing youth ministry for 22 years. They are the proud parents of one son, one daughter and now a daughter-in-law. Over the years, their family moved a number of times, their favorite “duty” being the year they spent in Maui. Robin and her husband now make their home in Portland, Oregon, where he works as a counselor.

When asked her favorite hobby, Robin’s answer is, "Travel, travel and travel!" When she has time to read, she enjoys Hawaiian history or poetry and hymns. You might notice, much of her knowledge acquired while traveling she has incorporated into many of her books. In Coming Attractions she sent Katie off to Africa and is planning to follow her there in real life. Robin will be going to Kenya, Lord willing, in November to teach at an International Writers Conference

(stay tuned….there’s more!)

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