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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trying to Catch Up, Everyday Stuff, and Liz Curtis Higgs!

Liz Curtis Higgs

Liz will be LIVE on the web!

When:  Tuesday, April 5th
Time:  2:00 p.m. EST
Where:  WaterBrook Multnomah Livestream Channel
I cannot wait to get my hands on her latest book, Mine Is the Night.
If you have never heard Liz speak, you will be in for a treat!

Catching Up & Everyday Stuff

Spring Break is over!  All the grandkids went home by Sunday afternoon.  We had a wonderful (tiring) week.

Funny thing, as soon as they left, one of the Ladies * Nanny Goats* ~ Miss Dandelion gave birth to twin girls.  Mind you, we had no births during the week the kids were here ~ as soon as they we go again!  The grands did stay busy feeding, petting, and romping with the TEN babies that were born the previous week.  They received and gave lots of love!
I'll get some pictures of the babies posted soon!

We have two more nannies left to kid.

Yesterday, I started on one of the numerous piles mountains of laundry.  The house is a disaster.  It looks like twelve two legged kids descended on it and did what kids do.  I'm not sure we will recover, but we loved (nearly) every minute.
With all that help here, we managed (in spite of all that help) to get the potatoes planted.  Later this week we will plant onions and snow peas.  Sweet Linda at Prairie Flower Farm gave me an excellent idea about planting sweet peas in with the snow peas!  I am going to do it.

Inside, I have tomato and pepper seedlings everywhere!  And I started some Rosemary seeds.

I love the smell of both Rosemary and Lavender!

Spring is my favorite season.  It is also our busiest!

Today, I had to get out and go to the grocery store, feed store, and the post office.  The only thing, I got to the post office about two minutes after they locked the door.  So, tomorrow I'll retrace my steps and go back to the post office and to the feed store.  I forgot worm medicine for the horses while I was there.

(I will not be worming the horse (Lightning) that helped me to see the sky a few weeks ago.)

I was going to post a picture of Lightning, he really is a sweetie...most of the time, but I can't find the picture I wanted.  I think I've lost an entire folder of pictures....YIKES!

Lightning looks a lot like this prutty thang -- this is not my picture and I have no idea where I got it -- but I like it.
We used to have a cat like that, too.  We called him Tux.

Tomorrow, will be busy!

We have to get back in the saddle with homeschooling - the boys are thrilled (kind of), I have to make my "rounds" again, also on the list is cleaning out the fridge (wish I had done so before going to the grocery), working on another mountain or two of laundry, make Triple Berry Jelly (son's request), clean the a/c (we've already seen temps in the 90's...just one day, but), and .....unless we have more babies.  Then we will just do what we gotta do....and love it!
We've began a new prayer routine....I'll try and post about it in a few days.  In the meantime, if you need prayer, leave me a note in the comments.

 May you be blessed in all that you do!
Prayers and hugs,

P.S. ~ No proof reading happenin' here tonight. ;)


  1. Love reading about your rural life here! Thank you for joining in at Dandelion House and for promoting the Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop on your cute blog! Look forward to seeing you on Friday!

    Enjoy this day~

  2. You have such a joyous blog, I so enjoy visiting!

  3. It's a blessing to stop in and visit you. I leave feeling refreshed even when you've had a houseful of GrandLoves for a week? You are a saint! One at a time wears me out. Triple Berry Jam? Yum!
    As a young mother, my folks raised sheep and lambing season in the spring was a favorite time for my children to be a part of. You are a great mentor of the farm as you create unforgettable memories for your GrandLoves.

  4. Hi Miss Prairie Maid,
    Love the pic's. The one with the horse and kitty is adorable. The other day I was at some friends house. The had a fainting goat and their rooster hopped on his back side. It was the funniest thing. He kept trying to stay on while balancing himself. Wish I would have had the camera!

    Hope your day was good. I worked in my rhubarb after getting home. It was nice and then a light mist came. That was wonderful!

    Hugs sweet friend, Linda

  5. Big hug to start with. It has been so nice to read you blog again with all your news, sad and humorous. I like visiting here. Take care. xxx


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