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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook ~ Tuesday, April 12th

Hey followers, you all are so special and I just needed to tell you so!  I wish we could visit in person.  I really am trying to get back into the habit of posting on a more regular schedule.  I thought maybe doing the “daybook” would help give me structure.

The Simple Woman’s Daybook

Outside my window...  spring is happening, everywhere!  I love it.

I am reminding myself ~ Life comes in cycles

I am thinking...  ~ I need to make a list and then follow through.  The list making is the easy part.  It is in the doing I get bogged down.

I am thankful for...  ~ fresh plowed dirt between my toes ~ walks in the pasture with my honey ~ new life ~ the irises that are blooming

I am wearing...  ~ Pajamas and barefoot

I am remembering...  ~ that people are far more important than things

I am praying … ~ for some special friends who are in need

I am going...  ~ to spend some time writing a few letters and getting some cards ready to mail.  April is National Letter Writing Month.  Why not send someone a note?

I am currently reading...  ~ actually, I just finished When the Soul Mends by Cindy Woodsmall.  Wonderful read!

I am hoping...  ~ to finish planting the garden during the next week.

On my mind...  ~ the poor people of Japan.  It is difficult to imagine all they are going through.

Noticing that...   ~ earthquakes are definitely increasing ~ when I was a young girl, we might hear of one, maybe two earthquakes a year.

Pondering these words…  ~ “For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be earthquakes in divers places, and there shall be famines and troubles: these are the beginnings of sorrows.”  Mark 13:8

From the kitchen...  ~ Tuesday’s menu includes rosemary and garlic baked chicken and a fresh green salad, not sure what else besides sweet tea.  After all it is the house wine of the south, you know!

Around the house...  ~ I am rearranging to make room for a new (to us) sectional

One of my favorite things… ~ cool nights, warm days

From the Learning Room… ~ the boys are working on animal husbandry, as we have baby goats to take care of everywhere.  Yesterday, they learned how to ban the little guys.

I am still working on making soap.  I now have everything I need.

I am creating... ~ the Shi-anne Social Club 

A picture to share… ~

Quote of the Week… ~ recently said by an evangelist, “When God said I AM, what HE was really saying is, you’re not.”
(Sometimes we need to be reminded ~ at least, I do.)

Be sure and visit The Simple Woman’s Daybook for more daybook entries.

May your spring be filled with the gift of new life, sweet smells and sunny days!


  1. So many great things you shared today! Love that preacher quote! I'm going to write a letter this month. I'm just like you about those lists! And you are SO RIGHT about sweet tea. We have been making it in droves since the weather started warming up.

    Visiting from Simple Woman : )

  2. Lovely post! I am such a old soul at heart.. will be writing a few letters myself this month. I hope you have a great day!

  3. Wishing you a wonderful week!

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