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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Shi-anne Social Club

These are pictures of last year's garden, taken in early May.  I love having flowers throughout the vegetable garden!  Flowers add so much color, many are great companion plants for the vegetable plants and since we raise goats......the vegetable garden is one of the few places the goats cannot get to my flowers!

In the northwest corner of the garden, we left a seating area, with an awning, chairs and a table.  Last year was the first time we decided to do this ~ and ~ we loved it!

Nearly every evening, someone enjoyed just relaxing outside in the garden.  Several evenings we ate supper dinner there and many times we had company for supper.

Life has brought many changes to the lives of some of those who live near us.  Their lives are such, we believe they could benefit from spending sometime in our garden ~ maybe enjoying a meal, visiting with friends, making homemade ice cream or sharing a watermelon.

They need to know someone cares ~ we all need that, don't we?

So, this year we are tripling the size of our garden.  We are making our seating area larger.  And we are going to invite different neighbors and friends over each Sunday evening for fellowship, laughs, prayers ~ food & fun.

We are laughingly calling it "The Shi-anne Social Club".
I guess we could have called it the Country Club.
We are definitely, COUNTRY!

It will be a simple thing to do.  We are praying it will enrich the lives of those we care about.

Just praying about it, making plans, thinking about what we will serve ~ it has already enlarged our hearts!

Praying your summer will be blessed with those you care about!



  1. What a blessing you are in the lives of so many! Including me! I may yet manage to wend my way to your neck of the woods and stop in for a visit! :)

  2. What a joy it is to come here and read your posts, Cheryl! Praying for you and your family always.

  3. I want to come...........what a sweet dream......wish.......prayer.......of mine to be able to come to your home on a Sunday evening and sit in your garden. Praying that the Lord would work that out. Don't be surprised if I show up. Prayers do get answered........right?
    Wish I could go and visit all the ladies that come to my blog or them visit me. to work to go see my girls. I am liking going to work now a days. smile

  4. What a wonderful way to participate in a ministry of hospitality - a mostly forgotten grace in our society these days. I'm sure the Lord will richly bless your efforts!

  5. i simply love this idea & i pray God blesses it!! what a great idea, and a return to the way neighbors should be ;)


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