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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Old Fashion Homemade Root Beer

Today, I am joining with the fun gals over at Gooseberry Patch. They are rounding up lots of goodies and good ideas to make your summer, a summer your kids will not forget!

Make this summer special. Make some memories!

Old Fashion Homemade Root Beer

The kids love doing this, but will need a little help. 

We make Homemade Root Beer every 4th of July, at family reunions and all the major family cookouts during the summer.  The boys (ages 7 to 15 y/o) have also demonstrated how to make root beer for college continuing education classes and centennial celebrations.   
 It is always a big hit!

You will need:

A large, clean ice chest (none metal)
A large wooden or plastic spoon


1 2 oz. bottle McCormick’s Root Beer Concentrate (extract)
5 lbs of sugar (we cut this to 4 lbs.)
5 gals of Spring Water

Dry ice - approximately 3 to 4 lbs.

DO NOT allow children to handle dry ice!

Pour Root Beer Extract into your ice chest.  Add sugar and spring water.  Stir until sugar begins to mix well with water and extract. 

(We let all the younger kids help add the ingredients and help stir.)

Gently add dry ice.  You will need to stir until most of the dry ice melts. 

(This is when we let the big kids take over, reminding them to stir carefully and to not allow the dry ice to come in contact with their hand.)

The dry ice will melt in about 20 minutes.  Once it is nearly all melted (you can remove the last few pieces (chunks) of dry ice if you wish), and the 

Root Beer will be icy cold and ready to serve!

You can also order Root Beer Concentrates, along with a number of other soft drink concentrates from Lehman's.




  1. That sounds awesome! Hope all is well with you! I'm good ... just busier than a one armed paper hanger. :) I miss visiting with you!

  2. Wow. Real root beer! That sounds wonderful in a frosty cold mug - like they used to make.

    Thanks for stopping in at Cranberry Morning. :-)


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