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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Larry Has Left the Building

Larry Has Left the Building!

You may or may not have busted your seems laughing at my adventure with Larry. Anyway, Larry is no longer a part of my life nor is he a “thorn in my flesh.” Good bye, Larry.

After another trip over the fence, Larry the buffalo has been sold. If you happen down Oklahoma Hwy 19, you will never again see the sight of this old woman with a cane trying to chase Larry back across the highway and into what was formerly his pasture. You will no longer see a tall young brunette standing at the top of a hill attempting to flag semis down to keep them from making buffalo stew in the middle of the highway. You will not see 18 wheelers stopped in the middle of the highway with their drivers taking pictures of all the commotion with their cell phones *and laughing about it!*. Life may never be the same without Larry. Thank goodness!

I first posted of our escapade with Larry back in April. If you follow the link it may or may not take you there. (I really need an internet blogging book for dummies.)

In truth, Larry’s owners are in from Florida tying up lots of loose ends, making preparations to go back. Their daughter in Florida is very ill with cancer. If you think about it, please say a prayer for this family.

Once again, today (Saturday) was beautiful. It was a picture of what autumn is suppose to look like. Perfect. The forecasters are saying next week we will feel winter nipping at our heels, toes, and various other body parts. Time to put up the flip-flops! Drat.

Being the “redneck” I am, I sat Shawn, who is 11, outside to trim his hair today. Baby (the six month old colt) was in the yard and wanted to help. It was interesting, funny and I am thankful there were no truck drivers with cell phones around! Trying to give a haircut in the middle of a zoo is a difficult task. No wonder Noah had long hair.

Today was a good day to be with family, rest, and just enjoy life. Since it was Sabbath for many, we were compliant with much of the world. Becoming Jewish might be easier than becoming Amish and having to do without electricity. Which brings up another point, I am 4 days without eating pork. And yes I continue to cook bacon and sausage for my family…..doing without sausage is a snap, doing without bacon when you are having to smell it while cooking….let’s just say it is a good thing there was nothing to make a BLT with! I might have caved. I want to say, overall I am feeling better. And I hope my resolve will last. If dh insist we butcher “Ham” (or whatever his name is) down in the pen, it is going to be difficult. I see a lot of tuna in my future. But you know what they say…. “tuna goes a long, long way.”

Okay….that was then, and this is now….or at least it is Monday! And the weatherman was right. However, he will not be receiving a prize from me….unless he can talk warm weather to coming back!

Do you realize we only have something like less than forty days until Christmas? Which means we don’t have much year left either. Where did 2009 go? It all seems like one big blur! I would really like to do May and June over, when it was warm and not hot….just NICE.

I have my SSS shopping done, finish, ….except for a couple of little things I will have to add just before sending. When do we send those? I need to look that up. So many dates to remember….when I shake my head, I think it is already starting to rattle.

I do *plan* to post again before Turkey Day….but much to do before then, including teaching at ECU this Saturday. We will be preparing a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. So I get to do this X2. Just to say, incase I don’t make it back, May you and your family be blessed this Thanksgiving!

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  1. well larry continues on is journey so do you
    and it sounds like sans larry will not be any less exciting around there
    when your tired of flagging down those truckers and ever wish to explore your neighbor to the south just holler
    i promise i wont serve bacon or even cook it to tease you!

  2. awwwww larry is gone...
    burrrr the weathermen got this one right huh! it is cols i got my fire blazing!

    SSS gifts just need to be shipped by Dec15th so you are still rush or worries

    I too have to stop and think where in the heck did 2009 go???

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  4. in case i dont get back by i wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!


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