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Monday, November 9, 2009

Running As Fast As I Can

I have been busy, busy visiting all the other blogs out there in blogland, especially those who are signed up for SSS this year. It keeps me busy! I try to visit four or five every time I sit down at the ‘puter for a break…my breaks are running a little ~ l*o*n*g. So, ground me! (Just don’t take my computer!)

Anyway, I go and read and read some more and marvel at all you creative, witty people out there. You are awesome….but then I have to run back here and try to think of something clever, before (hopefully) you follow my cookie crumb trail and find me out!

This takes a lot of energy! Which some days is in short supply. Maybe it is a supply and demand thing and the demand is overwhelming my supply. Yeah! That’s it.

So, before you look around, here is the scoop.

I have four blogs…’cause I am slightly crazy! Actually, this was the first (Prairiemaid). Then I was teaching at our local university during the summer. It was a kids cooking class through the continuing education department and I decided I should start a blog for the students to follow and if they lost their copies of the recipes we did in class, they could find them on the blog. Thus, Kids in the Kitchen was birthed….or hatched.

Well August rolled around and since we home school, why not do a home school blog? I was *thinking* the boys might take over this particular blog at some point, but because the computer doesn’t fit very well on the back of the 4-wheeler or maybe it is the fact there is no electricity at the pond, so far they aren’t really interested. *I’m blaming it on the beautiful weather we have been having!* I do have a granddaughter who is also home schooled and she reminds me (regularly) that I need to put something NEW on there. *Yes, Gabby, you are absolutely right!* And I promise, I well….soon!

The fourth blog my sister and I decided to do in order to keep in contact with our long lost cousins scattered both near and far. At the time, Bobbie *sis* had been laid off and she had all this time, so I figured we would have fun with it and when we sent this years Christmas cards out to relatives we could say ~ Guess what?!!! Check out our family blog! Sis, went back to work. *Really, I’m happy for her. Really!*

So when you come stalking around and see that I have done absolutely very little, just know I have good intentions and one of these days when you come by for a visit there might (possibly) be something new!

I’ll get right on that after I finish feeding the thundering herd here (the two legged kids), check on the baby….Oh Baby….his picture is at the top….we never get in a hurry at naming our animals. We have to see how they are going to act, so their name fits…Oh Baby! Then I have orders for about 40 candles to pour and I promised my mother-in-law *Granny is 91* I would be out to help her a little later today, then I have to deal with the evening milking…did I mention we have Alpine milk goats? Oh yeah…then I have some papers to study…and I have to get the boys home schooling papers ready for tomorrow…did I brush my hair today? What about my teeth? Eek!

Hey, I did get the top of the refrigerator cleaned off this afternoon!!! Woo Hoo….I am on a roll!

Blessings ‘til next time!


  1. I am worn out just reading your blog. You are one busy lady that needs to take time out and smell the roses. I do not see how you can handle all ypur blogs plus the other activity. It takes me forever trying to do one blog. So happy you found time to visit my blog. Slow down and take care.

  2. Ok, you only have to brush your teeth. The hair can wait!
    How do you keep up with all of those blogs and still have time to read some? Wow!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Thought I would hop over and say hello. :)

  3. Four blogs! Talk about ambitious. I can hardly keep up with one.

    Fellow SSS's here. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

  4. Hi Cheryl:
    I'm glad you stopped by my blog to say hi. I don't know how you have time for 4 blogs, I can barely do one. Not that I don't have time, just that I don't have interesting things to post. lol.
    I was laughing at your last got the top of the fridge cleaned...sounds like me. I get a load of laundry done and I think I've cleaned the whole house. lol.
    I love the picture of your "baby" horse. So cute.


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