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Monday, October 25, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook, 10/25

I know, originally the Simple Woman post was intended for Tuesdays, but I love doing it on Mondays.  It helps bring my week in focus.  Hope no one minds. ~

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Thank you, Cheryl

Outside my window...  ~ the weather has been beautiful.  I love it! 

I am thinking...  ~ about the two newest grandbabies.  They are so sweet.
(And they don’t talk back yet.)

I am thankful for...  ~ the years we have had with Granny Dorothy (my mother-in-law).  She is beginning to get a little frail (at 92) and over the weekend we had a bit of a scare.

I am wearing...  ~ everyday, comfortable

I am remembering...  ~ when we brought our oldest daughter home from the hospital.  We didn’t know anything!  Friday, she delivered her fourth child at home under the care of a midwife.  Jenny is so much smarter than I was. LOL

I am praying for… ~ among other things, the people of Haiti.  They have been through so much.

I am going...  ~ be working on finishing up some projects….nothing like being optimistic….right?

I am currently reading...  ~ Worms in My Tea and other Mixed Blessings by Becky Freeman and Ruth Arnold
My Bible

I am hoping...  ~  for a long, pleasant, Indian Summer

On my mind...  ~  the holidays.  Christmas is exactly two months away!

Noticing that...   ~ I have much to do

Pondering these words…  ~ “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”

From the kitchen...  ~ I’m thinking about making a fresh coconut chess pie.  I’ve always used dried coconut, but I have some fresh I need to do something with.

Around the house...  ~ I seem to have children’s clothes stacked everywhere.  I need to start a clothing ministry.

I am creating… ~ a place of rest, only some days I seem to be the one doing most of the resting.

One of my favorite things… ~ autumn;  the smells, the colors, everything

From the Learning Room… ~ every child has potential.  It is our job to find the key that unlocks that potential so success can follow.

A  couple of pictures to share… ~
 These were two lovely crafts I found while surfing some of the blogs.  I thought if you haven't seen them, you might enjoy them.  The links for each one are posted beneath the appropriate picture.

It's A Hodgepodge Life

The Jellybean Junkyard

May your day be blessed!

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  1. Thank you for the feature!

  2. Do I mind? I am blushing...thank you for the feature and wonde~rful post.

  3. Always a blessing to stop by. Take care. xxx

  4. I love the statement "It is our job to find the key that unlocks that potential so success can follow." So true! And thanks for the link to the wonderful gratitude board! I'm always looking for new ways to express gratitude.
    I'm your newest follower.


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