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Monday, August 15, 2011

Thank You(s) and Hugs!

And I mean  that!

I went for my two week checkup on Friday.  According to the doctor's scales, I had lost a total of 8 pounds of water (I liked mine better ~ 11, maybe I shouldn't have drank that Dr. Pepper!).  Nevertheless, he was happy with my progress.  I am to keep doing the same as I have been and I don't have to go back for a month!!!

As for my sinus infection, it is beginning to break up.....I think what I need most for it, is a change in the weather!

We did receive nearly an inch of rain last Friday was WONDERFUL!!!  I am always shocked by how much difference a rain can make.  The pasture had such a yellowish-brown color before, now it has a yellowish-green cast to it.  You can almost see the chlorophyll returning to the blades of grass!  Praying for more rain, soon.

Our temperatures have began to move back away from the 100+ degree mark.  (THANK YOU, Father!)  Last night it dropped down to 73 and the daytime high has remained in the mid 90's the last couple of days.  It makes me so happy ~ especially for the animals (and the electric bill)!

I wanted to take time to say THANK YOU for all your prayers and well wishes.....they do make so much difference!!!  Each day, I get a little stronger and while I had rather wake up with a ton of energy, baby steps are okay, too!  Besides, I think it makes it easier for GOD to get my attention when I am not up and cumbered about by the everyday chores!  

(That's my story and I'm sticking with it!)

It has also giving me time to start planning out the homeschool least until my brain gets tired of making notes.

Dh and two of the boys have been working on helping dh's twin build a pond.  Actually, they are reworking an older pond, making it larger and cleaning around it.  The 14 y/o got to drive the smaller bulldozer!  He has been super excited and I am looking at it as an awesome learning experience for both of them!!!
(I love hands on learning!)

I hope to be able to take a few pictures before they finish all the work.

I am working toward being able to post each day....Really!  But I mostly wanted to say Thank YOU and to let you know how much I appreciate each of YOU!


  1. So good to hear happy news and how WONDERFUL to see you at the store the other day. Just blessed me seeing a friend's smile.

  2. I am glad to hear you're doing so well and yes, PRAISE AND THANK GOD for rain and lower temperatures! It is such a blessing to be able to turn the air conditioner off for even part of the day.

  3. So happy you are feeling like being back online! I am hoping temps will drop here, please keep praying for RAIN (we have had none & over 40 days over 100 degrees)....I pray you will keep improving. I miss you when you aren't around ;) Love you.


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