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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Building Our Homes Together ~ September 7th

“What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?”

Romans 8:31

Building Our Homes Together, With JESUS!

Week # 14

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*Building Our Homes Together With Jesus* posts!

Hi Y'all!

I have been working on a Bible Study ~ covering the Month of Elul ~ but after taking two days off over Labor Day, I decided to post a Building Our Homes Together segment before continuing the study.

Praying God is blessing your homes!

Our weather has been so much better….cooler, the last 3 days!  I love it!

Last week was the local County Fair.  For us, the County Fair has always been a family thing.  Something we do together.
It is one of those “traditions” that we all enjoy.

(My favorite part of the fair, is watching the youngest grandbabies in the Ag barn, while visiting with old friends.  That leaves Papaw and the grown kids free to chase the older grands up & down the midway!  I admit it, I am too old mature to enjoy riding the rides. LOL )

And usually (like this year), fair time also marks the first few evenings of cooler ~ *jacket weather*.  The air begins to have that certain crispness to it and you realize *A*U*T*U*M*N* in all its glory is just around the corner!
All of this reminds me, it is time to think about preparing our homes and pantries for fall and work on a few projects for the up coming holidays.

Have you been thinking?  Maybe unlike me, the procrastinator, you have already begun preparing your home, stocking your pantry, and working on projects for the holidays.

Here are my “lists” for fall

For the home…..

Preserve some fall leaves in glycerin to use in fall flower arrangements.
(you use 1 part glycerin to 2 parts water)
I’d like to find some pretty red maple leaves, along with some yellows and browns.

Make a dried apple garland ~ alternating dried apple slices and cinnamon sticks.

Make some fresh apple jack scented soap.

For the pantry…..(& freezer)

We are getting ready to plant fall turnips.  They are so good!

This month I plan to stock up on the following:

1 case of crackers
3 large containers of peanut butter
A variety of canned soups
Add to the amount of flour in the freezer
Buy one turkey for the freezer

I plan to put up…..
More grape jelly
*Make jalapeno jelly
Apple pie filling
And continue freezing okra

*Usually, I make Chow-chow, however this year we don’t have the green tomatoes.  So, I’m going with jalapeno jelly.

Projects for the holidays…..

I have been making “what for who” lists.
This year we will be sticking with practical/useful items….
This isn’t the time for frivolous gifts that may or may not be used.

I will be making candles, soaps, along with jellies for many of our gifts.  These will be added to decorated baskets, along with a few other things.

For the two youngest grands, I am planning on making fleece-tied quilts with pillows to match.

The *middle* group of grands….art and craft supplies.
The girls will be getting the weaving looms (and loops) for making pot holders.  The boys the copper sculpture sheets for making wall hangings for their rooms.

The older boys….hunting/camping supplies.

Grown kids….
(These are the most difficult and I am still thinking!)
Plus they read…here, from time to time.

I'm thinking about putting together a family cookbook!

That's what I will be up to for the next few weeks!  That, along with homeschool and the normal everyday chores!



  1. I've put all my summer decorations down in the house (need to get outside to do that too) and started getting Fall up in the home. Two bathrooms done..Five huge rubber maid bins still full to get the rest of the house done, lol. I've done quite a bit of stocking up during the summer months and also some meals for the freezer. I too plan on getting turkey. I would like to get a few of them actually for the winter months. Maybe 4 or 5...I have started getting some Christmas shopping done (stocking stuffers), and making a list of items I would like to get for everyone (gift cards!!). I have SOOOOOOOOO many projects to start. I have already 4 orders for my inspirational journals that I make (two for chore journals, and two for writing journals)...Today I am off to my new job (running the daycare for the Heritage Counsel and Multicultural Center in our area. It's just so precious to hear the wee ones speaking Arabic to me....Now to teach these precious ones some 123's and ABC's.Blessings dear sister...

  2. I wish I could pop over and make candles and soap with you. That sounds like SO much fun! If you have a link to an online site you should list it on your blog so people can shop ;-)

    I know your candles are AWESOME!!! ;-)

  3. Don't we love this time of year! Thanks for the tip on preserving those colorful maple leaves. I've dehydrated my apples, so they're ready for a wreath, I've made the Apple Peel and Just Peachy soaps, and am in the midst of canning peach jam, applesauce, and tomatoes. Looks like my kitchen and your kitchen must look similar right now! :-)

  4. OH, those soaps sound fantastic! I need to try making soap!

    I love autumn and everything that goes with it... especially the cooler weather, the beautiful leaves and the seasons of harvest and Thanksgiving, and preparing for Christmas. Just yesterday I bought a lot of fabric to be used in this year's gifts; things like aprons, pillowcases, etc. One year I did a combination cookbook/memory book with a Christmas theme for my grown kids and also for my parents. Those went over really well. Some year I hope to do a regular family cookbook as well. Am sure your grown kids would appreciate one of those.

  5. Your house is going to look and smell amazing! I've always wanted to learn how to make soap. Maybe one of these days.

  6. Just to let you know, I'm still working at Walmart. lol...they didn't want to let me go. I'm working two shifts a week there plus my job at the daycare. I get mega holidays with the daycare so I can than work at Walmart during those times also with added hours...

  7. Okay, you've challenged me! I need to get apples from somewhere so that I can put some up for pies and jelly. I don't make soap; I'm a city girl, but I love the wonderful homemade ones. Thanks for the encouragement!


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