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Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Month of Elul ~ The Vision

Good morning…..

I love when God gives me a picture… own illustrated lesson!!!  A picture is something my mind can grab hold of….think about……remember…..when things are difficult, I can think back, remember the picture and it builds my faith.

The month of Elul is about preparing our hearts to meet with the KING ~ preparing ourselves for a new year.   
The KING is in the field, but where are we spiritually?  Where am I?

If you could see where I live, you would flip…..literally!  I know, many of you live in nice houses, with beautiful yards and lovely gardens.

I don’t.

We live in a mobile home….an older one.

We moved our mobile home here, back to the land my husband was raised on it the mid 90's.  We’ve stayed here because at different times family members have needed our help.  ~ We did spend three years, living with my mother, taking care of her before her death. ~ But basically we have been here in this spot, for 16 years.  When we first moved here, I said we would live here for eight years……I wonder if God laughs at the our “plans”?

My oldest brother-in-law never married.  He took on the task of helping raise five younger brothers and the financial responsibility for his mother.  My f-i-l was never very responsible when it came to taking care of his family.  But he has long since been forgiven and he passed away a number of years ago.  Shelby, the oldest, made is living dealing in government surplus.  Some of you really don’t have a clue when I say that…..think junk!  We live on six plus acres, much of which is covered with junk….interesting junk, junk that has value monetarily ….but junk!

It isn’t until you get out by our garden, the junk begins to grow less and less….you can see the areas we have cleared, making room for the garden and places for the animals to graze.  You can see the clearing between the trees where we want to build.  And just beyond that, you see the pasture.  We share a rather large pasture with other family members…a “junk free” pasture….the FIELD.

Here is where I always picture the King…..when HE IS IN the FIELD…funny, HE is always walking west to east….like HE is returning from a journey.

Yesterday afternoon, I was sitting out by the garden.  From where I sat, I could see junk, less junk, clear areasthe field.  And it was as if I was that little girl ……and as I ran from the house to the field, I passed all of this.  The closer I got to the KING, the less junk!

The vision (translated)….the closer we draw to God, the King of kings, the less junk we have in our lives.  We lay it aside ~ it no longer weighs us down.  We are free in HIM.

“Wherefore laying aside all malice, and all guile, and hypocrisies, and envies, and all evil speakings.”

~ 1Peter 2:1

It’s time.

Time for us to break free from the junk that holds us back, that separates us from our KING!



  1. Oh Cheryl, I love this picture! I want to run!
    Thank you!

  2. Such a great great illustration, Cheryl!


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