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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 16 and Counting

Day 16 

of Our 65 Day Journey!

Cowboy Booties


Girlie Cowboy Booties!

Aren't these sweet!!!

I wasn't going to post today.....we have a houseful of kids!!!  Eight!  All day, I've thought about the old show, Eight Is Enough! and laugh to myself!!!  Whew!

Anyway, was trying to explain these booties to an online buddy and Photobucket was co-operating, to allow me to post a picture on the forum we were, decided to load them here so Bren can hop over and view them!

I would like to make a pair of each for the two youngest grands for
presents.  I think they would make great house shoes for this winter and I love the way they look!  (I think my daughters will like also...but if they don't who cares?!  JK)

I found both of these on Pinterest.  Have you been to Pinterest?  
Oh MY!!! 
If you don't have enough ideas you are wanting to do.....go!  And I mean, ideas about 

You can visit my Pinterest boards HERE!

If you are not a member, you will need to "ask" for an invitation.  Which will arrive shortly in your email.
Then you just signup!
If this doesn't work, let me know!

So, I got "hooked" on Pinterest (thank you, Linda!) because Prairie Flower Farm sent me there!!!   And now I tell Honey hunk, it is all Linda's fault! LOL

We are planning on renewing our vows in April of will probably be an outdoor affair!  
I keep finding things like this on Pinterest ~

and this ~

such fun!

Well, is time I tell you what I am thankful for today!

Saturday.....I am thankful for the internet and the wonderful friends I have made via the net!  You gals (and a few guys) are the greatest!

~ For MONDAY ~

We will have a Guest Blogger!  You will enjoy, I promise!  And if you do not already know her (shhh, it's a secret for now), you will make a new friend who you will really like!!!
Be sure and come by!

Shabbat Shalom!



  1. I am a little afraid to get started on Pinterest because it looks like something I could fall into WAY TOO EASY each day. Those booties are adorable, especially the little guy ones!

    I hope you'll enter my SOAP'n'SUCH GIVEAWAY. Hope you have a lovely evening.

    Let me know when you're hosting a giveaway of those cute booties. :-)

  2. Those cowboy and cowgirl booties are just to darn cute! Love them.
    My oldest daughter asked for blankets for the four children to snuggle with. So I guess I will be at least making foru maybe more.
    Im glad you posted. Love all that you share.
    Thank you

  3. Those are the cutest booties! I'm on Pinterest but haven't gotten very involved yet. I'm kind of afraid of getting sucked into another social network venue. :/

  4. Randy and I are renewing our vows May 23 2012. Will be 25 years...we are in the 'planning' stages of having a big


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