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Sunday, November 6, 2011

SONday, Day 10 of Our 65 Day Journey

Day 10
A-whole-lotta-shakin' going on!

I hope you are having a very blessed SONday!

Just in case you haven't heard the news.....we have been experiencing a swarm of earthquakes for the last 36
hours!  It has been a little unreal.  The largest was upgraded to a 5.6, which set a record for Oklahoma!  I believe the total count is about 24 total, that's really something!  I think I like our plain ole tornadoes better.  At least with tornadoes, there is a little warning!

But just to keep things in perspective....when we checked the online news after the largest earthquake last night....the two lead stories were Oklahoma and Oklahoma State's wins.  Everybody knows, football reigns in Oklahoma!  LOL

However, once the 5.2 quake was upgraded to a record breaking 5.6, it became the lead story.

Anyway, we have had some disruptions to our phone and internet service....not fun!  But I have used the time to work on my lists and schedules, etc.  Thought I'd show you what I've accomplished, so far.

So here ya go!  Remember, I'm not finished.

~ Fall/Winter Schedule ~

Clean bathrooms
Work in kitchen


Check laundry soap, make more if needed
Clean small refrigerator
Clean in boys’ room


Clean small bedroom
Vacuum entry and hall
Clean off the top of the small fridge


Clean master bedroom
Clean bathrooms


Vacuum living room
Dust living room
Clean off dining table
Sweep & Mop kitchen


Bleach tea picture (so it is ready for the weekend)
Bleach and wash milking equipment
Clean bathrooms
Wash bed linens

No School
Bake for Sabbath
Clean stove top and fridge doors

Parsha Study

Daily Routine

Up and dressed 6:30
Put on Coffee
Put first load in washer

Bible Study

Put on breakfast
Check dinner menu
Begin day

Check List for the Month of November

Wednesday, November 16th, Wash mini blinds

Sunday, November 20th - Clean out large fridge

Monday, November 21st – Grocery shop for Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 22nd – Wash extra dishes that will be used

Wednesday, November 23rd – Baking Day

Monday, November 28th – Christmas cards and letters go out a week from today!

Check List for the Month of December

Sunday, December 4th – Prepare and freeze cookie dough

Monday, December 5th – Mail cards and letters, Women’s Ministries

Wednesday, December 14th - Prepare Menorah Candles

Monday, December 19th – Clean out large fridge

(Tuesday) December 20th – 27th Hanukkah

Tuesday, December 20th - Make caramel corn with boys
Wednesday, December 21st – Make candy

Thursday, December 22nd – Baking Day with grand kids

Friday, December 23rd – get together with neighbors

I still have to make lists for the boys....I need all the help I can get!

Be sure and join Shawn....Thirty Days of Thanks!

Saturday, November 5th -My honey-hunk!!!  We have been best friends for 41 years, married for 38!  I am so fortunate.  I sometimes wonder, if he had known what all the future would hold, would he have still wanted to marry me?  A few months ago, he suggested we renew our vows on our 40th anniversary!!!

He really does LOVE ME!

Sunday, November 6th - My sister!  I have the most awesome sister anyone could be blessed with!  We always have an awesome time together.  We just don't get to do it often enough.

Be blessed everyone and stay safe,


  1. Cheryl I love how you ahve broken down your list. Oh wow! I so need to work on that for the next three months at least. You did a great job! Hmm. maybe that should be apart of post.Being focus is so important when your schedule is so full and being timely as well. Helps keep on track.

  2. Wow! I had heard OK had one earthquake, but hadn't heard about the rest. I'm not sure which would be better...tornado or earthquake? What a choice!

    Thanks for the football info. I was about to go looking for scores. Even though I'm born, raised and live in PA I root for OU. Go Sooners!

    That is so special about your husband wanting to renew your vows. Congratulations on finding a wonderful man and beating the odds to last so many years. May you enjoy many more together.

  3. Cheryl
    That earthquake scared me almost half to death, it was scarier to me than the tornado I went through just last year.

    I am a big OSU fan so I am very ecstatic about them being #2 GO POKES!!!!

    That is why I am also behind on the Journey


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