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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 21 of Our 65 Day Journey

Day 21 

of Our 65 Day Joruney!
Since Thanksgiving is only a week away,
Beth over at A Work in Progress is doing Top Ten Thanksgiving Yumminess!  Come on and join the fun….

Ten Must Have Foods for Thanksgiving…..

  1. Mr. Tom Turkey! 

  1. Cornbread dressing….not stuffing….dressing

  1. Giblet Gravy (which I make without the giblets)

  1. My mother’s cranberry relish recipe

  1. Some kind of sweet potatoes   (souffl√© is preferred by dd#1, plain old candied and topped with toasted marshmallows is dh’s favorite)

Next five in order of preference ……..

Everyone, Aunt Billie’s cheese ball

Everyone, hot rolls (homemade the best, but will except others)

Nearly everyone, mashed potatoes (garlic cheese mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving!)

Me…..BROCCOLI  (can be a casserole but plain, steamed is fine), both dds would rather have green bean casserole and of course the boys would rather have mac & cheese (not happening), honey hunk will be busy with the dressing and sweet potatoes, so he doesn’t count here!  BTW – Broccoli can be raw on the relish tray….(I’m really not difficult to please!)

And Fruit Salad…..we use 3 or 4 recipes….depends on our mood!

And dessert…..

Well that is probably a whole ‘nuther TEN!

Pumpkin Pie
Pecan Pie
Apple Pie
Four Layer Chocolate Pie
Cream Cheese Bars (Also known as Neiman Marcus Bars)
Chocolate Chip Cookies or Blonde Brownies
Cheese Cake….anykind!!!  (I’m wanting to try White Chocolate Raspberry….maybe Christmas)
Peanut Butter Pie
Banana Pudding
Rice Krispie Treats (The boys also make the day before)….

In realty, we will probably have the first four, along with the Rice Krispie Treats.  We’ve had two pans of blonde brownies in the last couple of weeks.
Thanksgiving (or parts there of) will last from Thursday through the weekend, feeding approximately 25.

If anyone wants recipes….just let me know!  Our Cheese Ball and (one of our) Fruit Salad recipes can be found here!

Thirty Days of Thanks!!!
 Join Shawn for more Thirty Days of Thanks!
Wednesday ~ The gorgeous trees outside my kitchen window.  They make me happy while I’m washing dishes!

Thursday ~ The tremendous Bible Study I’m a member of!  Those gals ROCK!

Around the House

Yesterday, I made two batches of Triple Berry Jelly for gifts!  Just finished making the second batch when dd#1 called and (just happened) to mention she was out of jelly!!!  I think she smelled it cooking….70 miles away!  Makes me happy that like their mama’s jelly though!

Still cleaning cabinets and such…seems like the never ending job!!!  But I know I’ll be much happier when it’s done!!

Hope you are having a wonderfully blessed day!
Tomorrow is Fearless Friday.  If you have a prayer request, let me know.  We would love praying for you!



  1. Makes me hungry just reading all this! :-) I have to have sweet potatoes too, but with only butter on them. REAL butter. I can almost smell the turkey in the oven, and mine would have sage, pecan, onion and celery stuffing. Can't get enough of that stuff!! :-)

  2. Cute turkey of the top ten! What a fun little list and linky. I will have to go and check out. Im thinking I love your entire list. I would almost have to copy half of it. A few of mine arent on there. But.... I love all the foods you find on the table on Thanksgivng and the family and friends around the table. Home made jelly. Yum!

  3. Can I come to your house on Thanksgiving? Just for dessert?? Seriously. It'd be worth the plane ticket. lol

  4. Thanks for joining me, Cheryl! I bet your house smells awesome on Thanksgiving! :) I love Cheesecake but usually BUY it instead of making it. White Chocolate Raspberry does sound divine though!


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