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Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday Fragments

Today is the first Friday of 2010 and so far, I feel like much of 2010 is “fragmented”. How is your New Year going?

Friday Fragments is hosted by the lovely Mrs.4444 over at Half Past Kissing Time. I hope you will be sure and go by her corner of the web. There you will discover links to many more “fragmented” bloggers! Just so you know, if you are still having difficulty recovering from the holidays, you are not alone!

I still have three “must do’s” on my list before the New Year officially starts for me. It is part of who I am. I grew up during the 60’s; therefore, I do not enjoy doing things in any semblance of normality. (Although, I do now trust people over thirty, as long as they are well past thirty!) You guys go ahead and start the new year. I’ll catch up later.

I need to clean house. I do not want to clean house. I need to win a blog giveaway entitled, Maid Service for Six Months! WooHoo! If someone offers said giveaway I will comment on your blog everyday for the next 125 years! I’ll send birthday cards to your children and take you dog for long walks! I will love you forever. Be sure and let me know.

Georgie over at Decisionally Challenge has a cool giveaway going on for Dr. Perricone’s Cold Plasma, which is the “extreme” when it comes to anti-aging formulas. Hurry, you have until the 15th.

Speaking of Dr. Perricone, have you ever thought about going on his anti-aging diet? I have considered it, but not sure I could handle that much salmon.

It is time for the Okie Blog Awards nominations. Nominations opened January 1 and will close February 2. Be sure and click here and nominate your favorite Okie Bloggers!

The 2010 Bloggies are open for nominations until 10 pm EST January 12. You can vote once per email address. Get all the info here. Beware, the site scrolls sideways.

And that is all I know about Blog Awards!

If anyone is looking for the North Pole, it somehow slipped south. It feels like we are sitting in a deep freeze here in Oklahoma. Last night’s low was 11 degrees. It must be global warming!

My sister is leaving on a cruise Sunday. I love her. I hope she gets sunburned. (JK about the sunburn ~ maybe.)

Later today, I will be posting my book review on Simple Compassion. Next week, who will you show a little compassion?


BTW ~ I finally learned how to insert a link! Doing the happy dance!


  1. Oh for a self-cleaning house! Where's my non-sentient domestic robot? That's what I want to know - this is the future isn't it?

    (Don't want a sentient robot, that wouldn't help - I'd have to emancipate it and help it start a robot's civil rights campaign.)

  2. I think if I ever won a giveaway for 6 months of free maid service they'd run screaming from my house in fear. I SO need to get busy cleaning up after the holiday blur, but keep procrastinating... :)

  3. Sorry folks. Each and every week this Ozarks farm chick has what I term Deep Clean Fridays! Personally my favorite day of the week. See, I'm Type~A compulsively clean and just a little spastic to boot. I know, I probably need to contact Cleaners Anonymous, but I love it, it soothes my soul.

    From the hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa, ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day!!!

  4. Cleaning is definitely not one of my favorite things! LOL Maid service for six months sounds like a great idea to me - but I'd have to clean before they get here. Can't let her see what it normally looks like. Loved the blog again, Prariemaid - can't wait for the next one!

  5. Let me know if you find out who is giving away free maid service! I'll take even one week! Ugghhh who knew three kids could produce such messes and vast amounts of dirty clothes!

    I hope you get to start the new year soon!!


  6. Came to read your frags, but had to comment about the post-it note on the top of your blog... the one that's telling me spring is March 21st? Yup, LOVE IT. I am already counting down to spring-- and WARM AIR-- myself.

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  7. You better let me know if someone sponsors that maid giveaway because I want in on that prize.

    Congrats on learning how to insert a link. I get awfully excited when I learn things like that.

    Happy New Year from someone who is over 30 and trustable!

  8. I hate cleaning too (as I say hi to the dust bunnies sitting at my feet!) Now the maid service would be an awesome blog award :)!
    Great fragments!


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