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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Post Christmas ~ Post (or somethin' like that)

We finished up our family holiday get togethers on January I can officially move into the New Year. Every visit, dinner, eat-all-you-can-stuff-yourself gathering was wonderful! The food was even better than wonderful. I know, as I am wearing much of it, scattered over various parts of my body.

One of my favorite gifts was the Pioneer Woman's cookbook, which is above and beyond an ordinary cookbook! If you haven't heard of it, "whereyabeen?" If you don't have one, treat know you wanta!

Now, onward and upward! 2010 awaits us!

I have a book review to post later this evening. Be sure and check back. This book will brighten your day and your world.

I am going to be starting a new blog, with all the tremendously, outstanding things I plan on doing now that the New Year is here. So much so, this blog will not contain them all.....(now to follow through!). Kidding aside, I do have lots coming up and some niffy plans to go along with said plans! I hope this will be something that will benefit many of us readers and bloggers, and I am looking forward to getting started. Just wish my feet would warm up. Global warming is killing me...hahaha. We in the "south" feel like we are sitting on the North Pole today.

I still have three extra chillin' here and their parents will be fetchin' the lil darlin's tomorrow. Then hopefully I can get some things done.

No resolutions...just goals and actions!

Stay warm, cook something good, find a good read and be blessed!



  1. Another great post! I just love reading all the things that you write!

  2. Cheryl, I just ordered her book from Amazon, it should be here tomorrow :) I can't wait to read your review.
    Happy New Year and Hugs

  3. Thank you, Linda!

    Hi, Karyn.

    Thank you both for stopping by!


  4. I have never heard of Ms. Kent but sounds good!! Ah writing...well I personally have never had that desire but you go girl!! You have the gift Cheryl!!


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