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Friday, September 3, 2010

It’s Fall, Ya’ll!

Is there anything better, than waking up to 67 degrees and bright sunshine? Whether it is fall or spring, sunshine and cool temperatures are a welcome respite, especially if you live in an area where summer temps can easily hit in the three digit range and winter temps, while not often, can land in the minus department!

Autumn is indeed a welcome sight! (As well as I am sure spring will be in a few months!)

You should have been here last night! We experienced one of the most awesome lightning shows I’ve seen. Bright streaks continually broke across the sky, leaving the night air super charged! It was amazing! (Fortunately, no cloud to ground strikes in our area.)


*See, I was RIGHT (for a change)!*

There is nothing that can prompt a change in weather in Oklahoma, like a good ole county fair ~ everytime!

We have some friends who recently moved to OK from Illinois. And the August temps of 100+ have really been an adjustment for them. For three weeks, I have said….. “just wait, the first week of September (county fair time) and you will even need a jacket in the evenings (well, almost).” And TA – DA!!!


There was an o.l.d. TV show (maybe the Lone Ranger….speaking of which, why did they call it the “Lone Ranger”? After all, wasn’t Tonto always around? This was definitely not a p.c. show!). I digress ~ sorry!

At the end of each episode, the line went something like this, “Come, Tonto. Our work here is done!”

My question is: Is your work ever done?

Because, I’m here to tell ya, it doesn’t seem like mine is ever done. Most of the time, I don’t even come close to “caught up.” (And I just spent most the summer on a vacation from Blogdom!) ~ I must be missing the mark here, someway!


Speaking of which, while I have been “away”, many of you of updated your blogs, remodeled and have them looking quite spiffy! This is something I need to do, but where to start?

I have been having trouble with blogspot, but I am thinking my browser may need to be updated. Once I get “the nerve” to do that (last time, honey hunk thought I wiped out the music library!), some of my “problems” may be solved.

Just wanted to say, you guys are “LOOKING” great! I’m jealous!


We are planning to celebrate the Biblical Feasts this year. I am beyond excited and this will be such a wonderful learning experience for all of us. Next week, the 9th & 10th, will be Rosh Hashanah (It is a new year, new beginnings!) I have already started planning our menu and working toward the early preps for the two day feast. I am trying to achieve two things. The first is to provide foods that will convey a feeling of festivity, but ones that can be prepared ahead of time. Secondly, trying to please everyone, while not copying our typical” fall holiday meal….Thanksgiving!

Last night, I made up the Sourdough bread starter! Today, I will finish planning the menu and make a shopping list. I welcome any and all suggestions!

Shabbat Shalom, everyone!

May your Labor Day Weekend restorative and refreshing, full of laughter and joy!



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