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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday's Picks

Today’s talk around Blogdom

Kim @ Marmee's Pantry has a great post + recipes for making bath salts. I love making bath salts as it is so quick and so easy. And like Kim says, “This is surprisingly simple & also makes a great gift idea for Christmas, birthdays, house-warmings, wedding gifts, etc.” (Hey, they are inexpensive, too!)

Be sure and stop by Linda’s @ Prairie Flower Farm and enter her giveaway. You can just click on the beautiful Mason jar full of guinea feathers on my side bar to go direct to the giveaway post. (And don’t you just love the name of Linda’s blog?!!) *wink*

Here is a really cool gift idea *if you are shopping around*. I read about this cute little thing over at a Crazed Mind. You can always count on Lynette to have something new and interesting on her blog. (BTW, I like the silver one (second from the top) and if you click on it, you’ll find they are cheaper if bought in bulk. Just in case you have a l.o.n.g. shopping list.)

Well, gurlz, I’m cutting this short today! *Not because there isn’t lots more interesting ideas floating about ~ ‘cause there are! You are one smart, talented bunch of gals! But I have lots to do today. New grand comes home tomorrow *prayerfully*. *For a peek, see previous post.*

Please keep Mary, Stephanie, MizzTerry, Vanilla, Beth, Bert and Jenny in your prayers. Some aren’t feeling well, some have stressful situations, and some have both. Also, pray for one of Amy's (Amy's Adventures - I don't have the link handy) little ones, who has a nasty flu bug that is going around their part of Africa.

Prayer changes things!

And the 1989 Aqua Net Hairspray Champions are ~

Remember when? I thought you needed a smile!

Be blessed and be a blessing!



  1. thanks for the shout out! appreciate it.
    i love my lil photo keychain and yeah cheap gifts too!
    was thinking it would make great lil presents to giveaway at our family reunion!

  2. Thanks for requesting prayer on our behalf! No answers yet but we are at peace with His plan and timing! Most of the time! :)


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