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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Prayers for Ellianna and Odds & Ends

Please continue to pray for little Ellianna.

The following update was copied from Linda at Prairie Flower Farm:

Little Ellianna will be having surgery again. here is a note from her Momma.

  Tuesday was her check up with the neurosurgeon, and as we suspected, the pressure inside her head has been increasing again.  Her temporary shunt is done being useful, but her brain has not been able to take over the job on its own.  We hoped this would not be the case, but always knew it was a possibility.  Her doctor has lots of experience with this and is very compassionate and skilled in his care of her.  We will be going back on Monday to have an ultrasound to see exactly how much fluid has collected in her brain, and then surgery will be scheduled for sometime within the week.  She seems pretty uncomfortable the last few days, which is probably from a pretty bad headache.  We are doing our best to snuggle her and love on her and make her as comfortable as possible.  Our church was very gracious in helping us arrange to have her dedicated before her surgery, so we will get to do that this Sunday, which is actually her due date:)  We will update all of you as surgery plans fall into place, and hope you will be praying even these days before.

Love to all,

Please lift this precious little one to the LORD.

* * * * * *

I have been visiting different blogs today; however, blogspot isn't letting me post comments on some of the blogs.  The last time this happened, I was using Internet Explorer.  Some of my blogging buddies suggested I try Firefox.  I did and all was well.

This time, I have tried updating, switching back to IE, and a number of other things.  I do not know if it is me, or something to do with the recent problems blogspot has been experiencing.  Just want you to know, I am not ignoring you!  I appreciate each of you very much.  And I don't take your friendship for granted.

*  * * * * *
The days have been unseasonably cool.  It was 52 when I got up yesterday morning!

Most of the grandkids have been here off and on for the last four days.
The pool has been cleaned and readied for the summer.

Don't you love this!  The monarch is real.  I don't know why there is a white line that surrounds it, unless it was because the sun was so bright and the monarch wasn't co-operating....bashful about posing for the camera, I suspect.

Anyway, there has been a constant battle - me vs. them.

(This picture is from last year.)
It goes something like this....
Can we go swimming?...
No, it's too cold.
No, it's not.
Yes, it is.  It's only 61 degrees outside.  That's just 29 degrees above freezing!

But, pleeeeze, if it warms up a little?

Two hours later.  Same conversation.

Go...just go!

Twenty minutes later...

Mammaw, I'm cold.  Would you make hot chocolate?

Yesterday, we had eleven "sweet things" here, plus two of the neighbors...
who are also sweet.

I love summer!

Tomorrow,  requires another trip to the grocery store.  Then Gabby and I are going to make blackberry jelly.
I had to make some room in the big freezer, so that mean rendering what was left of the blackberries into juice for jelly.

Come join us!  We'll have purple hands, happy hearts, and lots of biscuits and blackberry jelly to share.


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  1. Just prayed for little Ellianna. I hope alll goes well or her with the surgery.

    Sounds like you have some fun kids. This post reminded me of how my kids used to love to go out and play in the snow. We would get them all bundled up and they would come in freezing in no time at all, shedding all of their boots and gloves and jackets and wet clothes at the back door. And then they would want hot chocolate with whipped cream! Good times!

    I love all these happy memories and you will treasure your memories too.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits


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