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Monday, May 2, 2011

A New Week and A New Site

Wanted to let you know about this sweet site I found that is also hosting a giveaway.

Aren't these precious?!  I love them!

You can find them at 

Sweet Home Stitchery's owner is Dani, who is in the process of reorganizing and remodeling the blog....although, it looks pretty good to me the way it is!
However, she is going to be listing some great finds, I think you will enjoy seeing (maybe even purchasing).  Be sure and stop by!

Here at home, we are just now putting this stomach flu bug behind us!  I think nearly everyone I know (in this part of the country), has had their turn with this bug!
The sweet baby goats are growing and we have now taken all of them off the bottle.  (I still have pictures to post, but I'm still looking for my cord to link to the computer).  They are so cute.  Thanks to the grandkids, they all have names, however I'm still learning who they have christened what ~ I have a few straight, but not all.
We woke up to 52 degrees this morning.  They say tomorrow morning will be even cooler, in the 40's!  What happened to MAY?
Hasn't the weather been extremely strange this year?
  We have a new pup.  He's a Red Healer who goes by the name of Dusty.  He's another stray, but I think he's going to be a good farm dog.  I still wish people would stop "gifting" us with so many dogs and cats.   I just can't bring myself to taking them into the animal shelter.  You wouldn't believe our (animal) feed bill.
But God provides! 

May each of you have a blessed week, filled with the goodness of God!


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