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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook ~ Tuesday, May 31st

 The Simple Woman’s Daybook

Outside my window...  partly cloudy, warm and sticky – signs of summer just around the corner.

I am thinking...  ~ God makes better plans than I do.  (When will I learn?)

 I am thankful for...  ~ home

I am wearing...  ~ old, comfortable clothes….barefoot
always, barefoot (some things just don’t change, people)

I am remembering… ~ a vision I had several years back.  Hoping to share it with you soon.

I am praying … ~ instead of what I am praying for, I want to share the following with you.  I just rec’d this from the young man’s mother.  The young man was/is in the process of returning from Afghanistan.  We have been praying for *B* to be kept safe and for God to surround him with angels.

(Because some people have difficulty praying, the following has been my specific prayer.  My prayer isn’t anything special, just what was on my heart.  Please don’t think I am trying to take credit….all the credit goes to My Heavenly Father and to this young man’s mother and all those who took the time to pray.)

Father, may You cover *B* with Your wings as You deliver him home to his family. May Your angels encamp round about *B* and may the Holy Spirit guide him. Abba, we say thank You for keeping *B* safe! May his visit be blessed and may there be great joy in the *G* home. In the Name of Yeshua, Amen.

Now, here is a copy of the message I just received from his mother.  This will make you proud to be an American.

Oh, my what wonderful prayer partners you all are!!!
Just got a mail from *B*, he's in Dallas..I just have to share with you all:

Some parts of America still work!

So get this! I love Dallas even more! the USO here hooked me up with free sandwich, drink, and then got me permission to go to the American Airlines Ambassadors Club where they gave me towels, soap, and a clean shower to use! Wowzers im almost human again!

Oh and they gave me free internet, which im using now to email you, while sitting nice leather chair in front of a big screen TV (after my shower). Wow

If i get the choice in the future, and if im paying for a flight, it will be American Airlines for sure.

Its good to be in America again,

Love you all,


(*J* now)..he said he hadn't been able to shower..had to hitch-hike to catch up with the group that were already 2 days ahead of he was hot, chaffed and sweaty and had not eaten. The folks in Dallas were lined up to welcome the soldiers home and he was amazed at how each person..even middle school kids were honestly happy to greet them!!

God knows we don't deserve this..what love!!!

Can you hear the love and excitement in her voice?  I just wanted to share that with you.
I am going...  ~ to be more honest with myself

I am currently reading...  ~ my Bible

I am hoping...  ~ I can do more to help others.

On my mind...  ~ family

Noticing that...   ~ adults (that would be me) are more difficult to teach than children

From the kitchen...  ~ waiting for inspiration

Around the house...  ~ I rather be in the garden

One of my favorite things… lilacs

A picture to share… ~
 Honor Park
Muskogee, OK

Quote of the Week… ~ 

“A good laugh is sunshine in the house.”
William  M.Thackeray

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May your spring be filled with the gift of new life, sweet smells and sunny days.

 May God be gracious to you and bless you; may He make His countenance shine upon you forever; that Your way be known on earth, Your salvation among all nations.


  1. I'm happy for B and B's family.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. (Too many spelling errors the first time. LOL)

    Thank you, "Unknown". I need to get by and see you! I think of you and your precious family all the time.

    *B* had been on a special assignment...that he couldn't talk about. His coming home was a wonderful blessing. His mama has been very concerned.

    I am so happy, he felt "welcomed" and "loved" upon returning stateside!

    Hope you are doing well. Bet that little one, isn't so little. Give her hugs and hugs to you!

  4. God answers prayers and I'm so grateful I don't have to be fancy and perfect to pray them.

    Love the pic of the water. If that is close, I need to visit there!

  5. Such a great story about 'B.' How God loves to bless His children!!


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