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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 2 of Our 65 Day Journey!

Shabbat Shalom!   
 (May your Sabbath be peaceful)


Baruch HaShem   
(Blessed be the name of the LORD)

Day # 2 of Our 65 Day Journey!

I am so glad you are here! 

Sorry, I did not get this post up last night, so it would be here for you to wake up to.  After taking care of six kids, who all seem to be in various stages of the latest “bug”, I kept falling asleep at the computer.  I’d wake up and think, what was I going to say….oh yeah!  And drop back off to sleep… probably didn’t help any, that when my favorite quilt had finished in the dryer, I grabbed it and wrapped myself into a snuggly burrito!  Nice and warm!  I told someone else, that has to be one of the best “poor person's” luxuries!!

This morning, I am still fighting with the computer.  I think it has a bug of its own!!!  I need my techie son or techie son-in-love to come look at the thing (and I need by not so techie honey to stay off of it for awhile)…..did I just say that out loud?

Really, honey-hunk is very smart and certainly smarter than I am where the computer is concerned.  Still, sometimes "professional" help is nice.

I did have the opportunity to visit some of you!  Wow, can’t believe how many of us are on the “same page”!  Isn’t it amazing?

I wish we could all get together and enjoy each others’ company around the dinning room table….or the kitchen table!  That would even be better.  I love “backdoor” friends!  Those who come in and make themselves at home!  Simple pleasures are the best kind!

Yes, Shawn, particularly here lately I feel I need to “wait” upon the LORD.  Just be still!  I feel like God is speaking to me, like I often speak to the boys, “Please, would you just sit still and listen for a minute!”

Reminds me of Mary and Martha, when Jesus told Martha she was cumbered about ~ careful and troubled by many things.  But that her sister, Mary, had chosen that “good part, which shall not be taken away from her.”  I think most days I am more Martha, than Mary.  That is one of the things I am trying to change.

God has a rhythm to HIS Grace.  And sometimes all of our hurrying around must be somewhat annoying to HIS rhythm ~ 

 interrupting what HE is trying to accomplish in our lives.

The following is from a paper by a pastor I am studying:

“The Hebrew evening/morning sequence conditions us to the rhythms of grace.  We go to sleep and God begins His work.  As we sleep, He develops His covenant.  We wake and are called out to participate in God’s creative action.  We (are to) respond in faith and action.  But always grace is previous and primary.  We wake to a world we didn’t make and to salvation we didn’t earn.

Evening ~ God begins, without our help, His creative day.

Morning ~ God calls us to enjoy, share, and develop the work HE initiated.”

NOTE:  The author of this paper is Eugene H. Peterson.  I have no idea what denomination he is, but so far I like what I have read.  You can find the paper here, if you would like:

I love that you all are here!!!  Blesses my heart, even you who don’t always have time to comment or like me, have trouble being able to comment.  But, please don’t feel like I am attempting to be the leader….only the encourager!  We are all in this together!  Whenever you comment, feel like the floor is yours….whatever you want to talk about is great!

Basically, we have this “theme” of becoming healthier and happier over the next 65 days…..for some, health is a real issue.  For others, just being able to restore order to their homes may be their primary goal.  Some are preparing for or facing difficult situations….but, we are all moving together, learning from each other and realizing it truly is:

“In him we live, and move, and have our being.”  
~ Acts 17:28 (a) ~

Please don’t forget, Shawn will be starting the 

Thirty Days of Thanks 

on Monday.  You will want to join her!  I know you will be blessed.  Here is the link to Shawn’s blog:

Also, would you pray for God to touch Shawn’s foot that it might be healed?

And during my “quiet time” this morning, I received a phone call from an older friend.  Their son was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer.  His name is Steven and his parents are Walt and Penny.  I don’t know too much about Steven’s family, but he does have children that are young adults.  If you would, remember this family in prayer.  I do not think Steven knows the Lord.

May you weekend be blessed! 


P.S.  I think it's finally going to post!  Please forgive any mistakes.  I have sat here forever, it seems trying to get this done!  Be blessed, everyone!

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  1. Cheryl lvoe your post. I so hate computer problems. I dont have a techie friend or anyone to help so when that happens in to the Geek Squad we go. We got out bill of helath the begin of the month. I have been struggling all day with a post and hope to get one up before midnight. So I will be right on track with everyone. I will be lifting Steven up and that the Lord would send those perfect laborers across his path and touch and heal him as well as be with his family. I have been praying for my friend that is a triple amutee that I care for who ahs been diganosed with blader caner he has already gone through two surgeys. I pray as I have for him that it would be totally up rooted and gone from his body God toke and healed them both two thousand years ago.
    They are the healed in Him who first loved us.
    Looking forward to tomorrows post. I guess I should go work on mine.


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