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Monday, October 17, 2011


Hello gurlfrienz!  I thought it was time I let you gals know what’s going on here in Oklahoma!  Dedicating this weekend to getting this “Update” post finished!

October 15th ~

Our weather is glorious!  God’s handiwork is amazing.  Our nightly lows are ranging between the high 50’s and low 60’s.  I love sleeping with the windows open and under a cozy quilt (and without burning the a/c!).  The daytime highs have been staying in the mid 70’s….occasionally, we go above 80, but only for an hour or two.  We have enjoyed a couple of very nice rains, giving new life back to the pasture and the area ponds are looking some better.  We have a long way to go, to be up to the amount of rainfall that would be “normal” for us, though.

The trees are just beginning to turn….love the colors!  I am amazed the trees haven’t just given up their leaves with the heat and drought we experienced this year.

October 16th ~

Leave it to the weather to make a “story teller” out of me!  LOL  This morning at 10:00 the temperature was already 83 with an expected high of 93!  It is October, isn’t it?  Tomorrow we start to cool back down.  I guess this is summer’s last hi-cup, or something.  (Understand, I’m not rushing winter, just want to enjoy as much of autumn as possible!!!

My Health ~

I’ve been to the doctor a couple of times since I posted.  In some areas, I’m getting better.  I finally told him about my right ear bothering me.    He gouged around, I jumped, my ear canal rec’d a cut…..yikes!!!!  Hurt!!!  In the end, he cleaned out a huge amount of bloody wax.  Did you know, when wax is left in, it adheres to the ear canal and it is sort of like removing a thick scab from a sore?  Yeah!  I’m still putting drops in my ear, but it is much, much better!  And I am finding as it has improved, so have other health issues.  Wonderful!!!  I apologized for being a big baby.  My doc said, no….that he knew how bad that hurts! 

I still hate putting all this medicine into my body.  So, I am starting a fast tomorrow and making a few changes.  I’ll let you know.

The Garden ~

We are still putting things up from the garden, although I can see the end of the tunnel soon.  (Dh gathers, I store)  I think we have put close to 40 lbs of okra in the freezer!  Along with the okra, I have several bags of pepper (both sweet and hot) put up and some peppers waiting to be canned.  I also added a couple of bags of purple hull peas to the freezer….wish it had of been more.  We have been blessed with the best watermelons!  We planted moon & stars, which is a very old variety…..see the pattern of the moon & stars?

Moon & stars is a medium size watermelon, not huge like some.  I think they are so pretty and the taste is so good!  

The Barn ~

We gave Faith (aka Mama Horse away) to a great home!.  It was a difficult decision, but we had never planned to “raise” horses.  Rather, we just wanted the grands to be able to enjoy the experience of riding and being around horses.  (Because we love them!)  But there are the other considerations, such as space and feed (bills).  

We still have Trigger, Lightning and Rodeo (aka Baby) and Rodeo is one big baby.  Dh and the boys would move him in the house if I would let them and he would come!!!  Love him to pieces…..but outside! LOL

I have to say, the day Mama gave birth to Baby was a most remarkable experience.  And watching Baby grow and his playful attitude develop was awesome!  If we were younger and had more land, we would definitely be raising horses!!!  (Maybe younger is a bigger factor than more land….just saying.)

Other Stuff ~

We are working on a couple of deals, one in particular that will require work from both dh and myself on our end.  I can’t say too much right now, but will elaborate more once the project is off the ground.  Praying it will be a blessing to others.

More hours in the day and more energy would be greatly appreciated!!!

I’ve been working with some people recalling the history of our area and that has been fun, but time consuming.  Still, I love history and it really comes alive around here.  I’ve been asked to put my notes together in the form of a book….but, time and my inability at writing…hmmmm, so this is just another thing that goes on the “we’ll see list.”

I’ll write more in a day or two.  This is getting too long and it is getting late.  I’m a trying to refrain from anymore 3:00 a.m. writing sessions!!!  (Part of my new “healthier me” plan.)

BTW, this is the Biblical feast of Sukkot (or Tabernacles).  We spent the day in the garden (in our makeshift Sukkah) with some of the grands.  We let them pick some of the last of the watermelons and cut and shared them in the garden.  We did a lot of visiting then dh ordered pizza!  It was a very blessed day!

Just so you know, even when I am not here posting, you are still on my heart and in my prayers.  And I do miss you!!!  I haven't been a very good manager of time lately, but I am working on getting better.  Praying the coming week will be full of blessings for you and yours!!!

Blessings and hugs,


  1. I've missed your posts. Glad for the updates.

    Have you done any jelly making or candle making?

  2. (((hugs)) Love you precious sis.


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