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Friday, October 28, 2011


Day # 1

I have a secret and it makes me so happy ~ even though, I am tired.

First, I'll share my secret...I KNOW this is a GOD thing, without a doubt!!!

Thanks to Angela and Shawn 
(and fortunately or unfortunately, the enemy)

First day of doing something new....and the enemy did all within his power to make me just forget it!!!  Two sick grands, honey-hunk with the same bug, computer problems, loaded a new browser and it is driving me crazy, first really cold cool day with rain...(thankful for the rain, but my bones are achy) on and on!!!

But guess what!  I am here!!!

Just for the record, I visited Shawn's blog and planned on going to both Rainbow's and Beth77's but when I try to comment, I get the message, "can't connect to the remote server".  Whatever that means.  Angela, I cannot get into my yahoo account for the same reason!!!  So, if you returned my email it may be a few days before I can get to it.


Wichita Mtns. Wildlife Refuge

It seems to me, before you can make a plan you have to know what direction you are going.  If I was getting ready to drive to Tucson, a map of downtown Atlanta would be of little value.  I think (for me, anyway) often this is part of the problem….I make the plans, but I’m thinking short term, when I should be looking at long term.  An example would be dieting to loose twenty pounds, when I should be considering changing my eating habits so they would be beneficial to my health for years to come.

When I started looking at writing out my goals, I figured it would be best to seek guidance from my ABBA.  So after spending some time in prayer…..the word that was impressed on my heart was


The following has always been one of my favorite verses:

“For he looked for a city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God.” 

~ Hebrews 11:10 ~ 

And you know, I have actually heard this verse quoted as

“For he looked for a city whose builder and maker is God”…….

totally leaving out “which hath foundations”.  That being so, I figure I am not the only one that the enemy tricks into taking “short cuts” instead of dealing with the heart of the matter….the foundation!

Meanwhile back to making goals ~ I have decided I need to break it down into the areas of my life where I would like to see improvement.  So here is my list….

Spiritually ~ I want an even deeper relationship with my Heavenly Father.  Building a relationship takes time.  HE is doing HIS part!  Therefore my commitment needs work.

Health ~ Major improvement desired and I am learning some truths in this area….1) don’t quit taking your thyroid medicine (or herbs).  It not only messes with your thyroid, it messes with your heart.  Big mistake!  2) my eating habits have to change, which by the way aren’t all bad when compared to the Standard American Diet. Still, something isn’t working and it is my responsibility to get to the root problem.

Side Note:  I suffered with migraine headaches for years…YEARS!  And it took me all those years to figure out I was allergic to raw pecans!  When I eat them baked (in a recipe), no problem.  Eat a handful raw and wait for the headache, because it is coming!

(It was a light bulb moment...but I sure was slow to find it!)

So, I really need to apply myself and work at seeing what I need to change.

Three immediate changes:

Drink the juice of one lemon in a warm glass of water each morning.

Increase my water intake.

Include more raw fruits and vegetables in my diet.  While this is easier during the summer and gardening season, I need to make it work now.  I would really like to be eating at about 60 % raw by the end of the year.

Become a better steward of time ~ I think this will become easier to deal with once I am feeling better.  Still, I need to keep moving and not give in to the desire to do nothing (at least not so often).  Most of all I must become better organized.

Define what makes me happy ~ I know it is important to do things that make one happy.  Crafts (along with a number of other things) make me happy and allow me to feel creative, but when I see all that needs to be done around the house, I feel guilty for even considering working on crafts.  I think I need to create a space for can be small, but it needs to be mine.

Things I did get accomplished today (while playing nurse):

*Up at 6:00, spent some time in prayer...went back to bed, because my feet were cold!

*Worked baking and cleaning in the kitchen for a little over 6 hours.
Sent a loaf of pumpkin bread to one neighbor and a jar of pepper jelly to another.

*Did 4 loads of clothes!

*Cooked chicken and rice for supper.

 I wanted to let you know, Shawn is going to be doing a

"Thirty Days of Thanks" 

beginning November 1st.  I know she would love for you to join. 
Tomorrow I'll have all the which blog (she has 4), etc.  Or you can go to yesterday's comments and click on her name and find out the information for yourself...
make a new friend in the process!

Welcome to the new followers!  So glad you are here.

Just my thoughts:  Why do we spend 364 days a year teaching our children and grandchildren not to take candy from strangers, only to dress them up on that one other day and send them out to do the very thing we spend the other 364 days telling them not to do?  Does this make sense to you?

And because I want you to S*M*I*L*E

Changes for tomorrow ~
again, up early to spend time with HIM

Juice of one lemon in a warm glass of water
Drinking more water
Eat raw for lunch (probably watermelon)
And let salad be 35% of the evening meal

Praying for each of you who come by and read, comments are nice....Friday is Fearless Friday! I am honored to pray for you.
Information is in my sidebar. 



  1. What a great post! And that sign really makes one think: We take so much for granted. God is so generous and we thank Him so little.

    Praise God that His mercies are new each morning!

  2. I will have to go check out Shawn's post and jump on the band wagon there as well. I think these two will go hand in hand. wonderful! I do beleive Gina did mention that in her post yesturday. Am coming off being really sick with an over full plate. But I sure do need, this. I think I need to work more on my post for today. So I will have two going up today. to catch up. After work we will get the second one posted. I love reading your blog. Such inspiriation. Many blessings so much to be thankful for and His mercies are new everyday.

  3. Fantastic post that gave me spiritual, and mental, food for thought!
    I loved your pictures and may have to borrow at some Point! Where did you find the Twitter picture? I am surprised I have not run across that one before!


  4. Shawn, I found the Twitter post on facebook. Borrow anything I post, with the exception of when I occasionally put up family members. ;)

    Beth77, thank you for your kind words! Can't wait to checkout your blog today. Glad you are feeling better. Seems the older I get, the more difficult playing catch up becomes!

    Good morning, Judy! Always good to see your smiling face. We do take so much for granted...trying to overcome that glitch though.

    You gals have a great day!

  5. Cheryl,
    Yes, you found the right blog!

  6. Cheryl
    Thank you for stopping by ;) I am looking so forward to the journey, seems when we find these blogs we are all in need!!!
    Bethe hope you get better, we need to catch up!!!

    Blessings and make it a great weekend
    Rainbow (Gina <<in Oklahoma)

  7. Cheryl I am in Broken Arrow,
    Please don't give up on me with the journey. Life got in the way (I will get caught up)


  8. I don't give up on anybody, Miz Rainbow! Just hop in anytime you can. We will just keep plugging away! ;)

    Husband has an aunt and at least one cousin in Broken Arrow....his aunt is Lavell Nelson and her daughter, that I believe still lives in B.A., is Margie. Her other children (who are definitely adults now!) are Thomas Roy and Donna. I can't think of Margie and Donna's married names right now, but know Donna lives in Cromwell now.

    Small World!!!

  9. Well praise be to God for His faithfulness and defeating what the enemy was trying to do...It just confirms SO much that you are on the right path girl. The bigger the attack, the bigger the blessings....And now I see your email this morning so I KNOW God has prepared the ya.


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