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Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm Back! Again! *Smile* ~ Fearless Friday

Hey, new followers ~ WELCOME!

As promised, I am back ~ even if it did take an extra 
day to get here!

Our  thermometer took a nose dive last night!  Besides leaving me with cold feet (literally), it also made me realize that the holidays will be here before we know it!!!  Yikes!

I love this simple fall decoration.  Isn't it sweet?  And it might take all of 5 minutes to make!!!  I like simple and sweet ~ fast is nice, too!

I found this and I've been calling it Butterfly Toes!  Actually, I've seen several different versions on the internet, but basically they are the same design.  I just like this one the best!

Originally, I had thought about doing the two youngest grand babies' feet for their parents.....but, now I'm thinking of doing all of the grands and besides doing it for their parents, also putting them on our bathroom wall.  I'll have to repaint first and think of some sort of arrangement, but I think I would love the finished product.
Besides, if you are to be sticking kids' feet in paint, might as well get the most out of it!

I love the following plague and was considering trying to use it in with a wall hanging or something for the older grandsons.....but,  
now I'm thinking the "grandchicks" should have a copy, too!

Do you like it?

Here is something I would like to put on a plaque for some of my friends.  I think it will make them smile.

Are you smiling?

Okay, that's my gift idea roundup for now.....hope this gives you an idea or two!  I would love to hear what you are doing or thinking about doing.
It's that means ~

 I along with others around the internet will be praying today for you and your families!  If you have a specific request and would like to let me know, you can use the comments or my email.  Check my sidebar for information.  You will also find my friend Angela's information there.  She is an awesome prayer warrior!

Going to leave you with the following thought....(saw it on facebook):

Heroes don't wear capes....

They wear dog tags!  



  1. Love the signs you posted. Made me smile for sure.

  2. Those butterfly toes are awesome. My goodness wish I had thought of that when I was running my daycare,lol. One day, when grandbabies come....

    Thank you so much Cheryl for standing in the gap for those that are in need of lifting up to our Father's throne. Please keep Tim and Kelley in your prayers. This gentleman found me though my old daycare web site that is still up and than he found my blog. He ended up phoning me a few weeks back asking if I would pray for his broken marriage.Five children, both firm believers in the Lord, and a wife that has picked up and left..An ex con in the picture now...lots of brokenness. Blessings and thanks again...


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