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Friday, December 10, 2010

It's Friday! Isn't it?

Hello, friends! 

Won’t you join me for a cup of tea…..maybe coffee, or hot chocolate?

It is a busy time of year, much busier than I (now) enjoy!  Could be it is an age thing, maybe! ;) LOL

We enjoyed having two of the grandkids with us this past week.  And because they were here, we had other grands that visited. I loved every minute, but most things pertaining to Christmas had to be put on hold. (I’m not complaining, just explaining, once again I am behind.)
Josiah (Joey)

Michaela (Mac)

All of which, leads me to stop and think….and think….

How do we go about assigning priorities in our lives?  If Christmas is all about who we say it is….how have we arrived at this point, of busyness and commercialization?  But all this reflection and deep thinking will have to wait….maybe in January, when the days are less busy and I have more time to study and ponder.  For now, they will remain tucked in my heart, waiting for another day.

The giveaways at Frenchy’s are still open until tomorrow.  If you haven’t entered, be sure and go by.  My candle giveaway can be found here.

To “House On the Corner” ~  Donna, I didn’t get his tag number.  I was too busy keeping a close eye on Larry, with my arms outstretched, trying to keep him on the south side of the highway, but all the while keeping a close eye on his eyes and ears….wasn’t sure what I planned to do, if it started looking like he was going to charge…but, I certainly was WATCHING HIM!  I was amazed to look up and see a cell phone pointed our way!  Wonder if he had video capability?  Hmmmm

If you are wondering what we are talking about, checkout Wednesday’s post.  (I should have signed it, Buffalo Gal.)  LOL

New Followers, If I haven’t returned your follow, please leave me a comment saying so and I will be by to see you as soon as possible.  In the meantime welcome!

To “Cranberry Morning” ~ I visited your SoapNSuch!  I loved looking at all the different soaps.  I was drooling ….especially over the Apple Peel.  It is lovely and I’m thinking it smells heavenly!  I’m putting it on my birthday “wish” list….it’s in January!

To everyone, sweet Linda at Prairie Flower Farm is having a party.  Be sure and go by.  You will be blessed!

One more….if you are a little stumped at what to give you’ll be blessed to visit Momza’s post on the Four Gifts.

Okay, I probably won’t be blogging again until Monday.  I am going to make an effort to get caught up, so I won’t be feeling twinges of guilt over what I haven’t gotten done.  I will be thinking of all of you, occasionally checking the comments, and maybe a quick peek at some of your blogs!  (A girl has to take a break, right?)

Praying each of you have a wonderful weekend!  May we stay focused on WHO Christmas is about and not on the “busyness” of the holiday!



  1. You were making your priorities family and that is so important. The commercial part of Christmas can wait or be left behind....Christ and family....that matters.

  2. I totally know what you're talking about. I read that post in amazement! Your grandkids are SO cute. Nice pics. It is hard amidst all the commercialization to keep it Christ-centered, but that's what it's all about. Blessings!

  3. I was at Frenchy's blog and the name of your blog caught my eye. I love how you have everything set up.

    Life does get in the way doesn't it :0) Real life first, blogging second as I always say.

    All the very best to you!

  4. What a great reason for putting Christmas things on hold-grandchildren!

  5. Hi Cheryl,
    I haven't made soap with goats' milk, but that's next on my list. Something new, along with my cheese making. What a coincidence: I was just watching YouTube videos on making your own mozzarella. I want to make mozzarella and ricotta before the winter's out, and possibly move into harder cheeses, like cheddar.

    I've thought about getting a few goats too, and maybe some chickens. We go through a lot of eggs.

    And YOU make candles! That is also on my list. :-)

  6. Hi Cheryl, These are the sweetest little youngins I've ever seen! And I loved your post. So important to read. As for you linking up with me, it is an honor. Love you, Mollye

  7. I think the commercialization and business of Christmas will always be there but it's up to us to shut out the unnecessary noise :-)

  8. Thankfully, we haven't been busy with the commercial aspects, but we have been busy baking, and crafting, and with life in general. It looks like you have been too. Your grandbabies are beautiful, I'm glad you had a nice visit.

  9. What precious grandchildren! Thank you for this thoughtful post. :)

  10. Such BEAUTIFUL children!
    How your heart must soar with JOY when they visit.
    Mine begins to flutter with excitement DAYS in advance of when I know my kids are due to visit!!!
    As to how we have allowed ourselves to get caught up in the worldliness of Christmas, I think that it's a mixture of "good intentions" that get sidetracked and swindled along the way...our pride, selfishness, and greed take over and it becomes about things and events and appearances and stuff and other stuff...instead of being content to celebrate by pondering the unfathomable miracle of GOD AMONG US! I believe that the giving of gifts and the baking and cooking for family CAN be good and holy...IF...and that's a big IF...we keep it completely entwined with the pondering of GOD AMONG US...the problem arises when it all becomes compartmentalized...and then we lose sight of HIM altogether. Did that make sense?

  11. well said. Adorable photos.
    I hope that you had a wonderful christmas.

  12. Hey Cheryl....just stopping by to check on you. I have been very busy with my new grandson & Christmas! Everett is now three weeks old! He has been fighting to gain weight so it has kept us very busy feeding him every two hours. I have been going over and giving his parents time to sleep during the day....not much rest when you have to be on call 24/7. He is doing well, he has a weight check this afternoon, I hope he has gained back to his birth weight.

    Your grandkids are beautiful....I hope you had a wonderful,blessed holiday together, I have missed "seeing" you on the internet. Your post always warm my heart. You are in my thoughts & prayers.

  13. such a beautiful family!I am going to follow your blog,you are welcome to follow mine,if you like.Blessings to all!Jane

  14. Dear Cheryl, Happy New Year! May you be blessed by our Lord! I look forward to reading your little gems of encouragement.

    With love. xxx

    PS: The grandchildren are adorable.

  15. That Mac is quite the stylish one!

  16. Just so you know, Cheryl dear, there are a whole lot of folks missing you. Hope that you and your family are doing okay.

  17. I am another one of those who is missing you a whole lot........trusting you with the Lord.........I will wait until I here all is okay!
    I love you! Linda

  18. What adorable pictures of the children! Following you with GFC through over 40 bloggers

    please follow back

  19. Just stopped by to tell you I have been thinking about you and miss you. I pray you are doing well.

  20. Hello Cheryl. I hope you are well. You have not posted for ages so I wonder. You have been on my mind often. I pray for you and your family. Take care. xxx


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