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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lazy Wednesday Walk ~ Larry Boy

Oops!   You caught me being LAZY.  Well, not really....a) I need to be busy and b) I feel awful not so great!  Anyway, I know most of you are BUSY, too!  So, here is your chance to be lazy....or an energy conservationist!

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Wednesday's Walk

It started like any other day . . . . .

You may remember, I mentioned I had to go to the bank and grocery store? Sounds simple, right?  DD#2 went with me...or I went with her since my van is "ill" and we decided to run to the little town just west of us about 11 miles...little, no stoplight, little.

On the way over there, on the highway in a low spot between two hills was a buffalo. I immediately knew who owned this rogue!  His owners live at the top of one of the hills. So I called said signal...I love cell phones. While I am attempting to get a hold of the owners and entering into panic mode, we are also trying to keep "Larry" (his name) off the highway. He is already nervous as a grasshopper in a chicken coop and insisting on darting back and forth across the highway. Mind you, I have never seen so many 18 wheelers on this little highway before!

So, while he is kind of off to one side, we do some darting of our own up to the owner (Walt and Penny)'s house. They’re not home ~ naturally!   However, in their driveway I could get a signal. So I called Penny's cell and asked "Where are you?!" To which she replied.... Ada (Ada is about 17 miles east). I told her what was going on. This is when I learned Larry's name. She said, "Well, I have an appointment in a few minutes. Just try to keep him off the highway." Well duh....sure!

So we go back down the hill where traffic is picking up. Another friend stops....a friend who graduated with DS #1 and is rather "dizzy". She uses her SUV to help try to block Larry on one side of the highway ~ it didn’t work. Two more *neighbors* stop. One had heard a buffalo was out on the highway via the CB from a trucker. (Probably, the same trucker who was busy taking pictures with his cell phone!  No doubt, this was probably the first buffalo loose with three women ~ one overweight, beyond middle age woman ~ chasing a buffalo up and down the highway he had seen that day.)

Between all of us, with DD standing in the middle of the highway trying to slow traffic, one of the neighbors managed to cut the fence enough to hopefully put Larry back in the right pasture. It took a while and Larry refused to use the hole made for him....instead he jumped the fence (I didn't know buffalo could jump either).

Finally, the fence had to be wired back and then we proceeded on to the bank and grocery like normal’ people.

You city dwellers have no idea what you are missing!

Blessings & hugs,
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  1. I have to your story!!!!!! It sure gave me some smiles to go on this morning!!!!!! Last day.........can't wait!

    Hugs, Linda

  2. Oh yeah, just another ordinary day, trying to keep a buffalo off the highway...LOL That is a beautiful photo, by the way. Buffalo are such amazing creatures. Amazing and terrifying. I sure wouldn't want to have to try to herd one back to a pen. My dad was a dairy farmer. Sometimes when the cows or heifers got out, I had to help get them back in. My job was to stand there with my arms outstretched. But if one ever came running at me, I took off. There's something about a HUGE animal running toward me that's a little intimidating!

  3. what a great story! You can't make that kinda stuff up!
    Country folk take care of each other AND your buffaloes! SO cool!
    Thanks Cheryl!

  4. Were you thinking this is so blog worthy? What a great story. I love the buffalo, too, so majestic.

  5. what a story! my goodness that would be a job to keep him off the highway! :) thanks for linking up a lazy post today!

  6. Omg that is too funny! Buffalo are only seen at a zoo around here! I would have loved to seen that!

    What a name

    Great story...loved it!

  7. Never a dull moment! Thanks for making me laugh! I needed it today... And, I love the idea of lazy bloggers; I'm going to link up!

  8. Rudolph and friends are on their way! LOL

  9. Oh, and by the way, my husband would LOVE eating breakfast at your house! :-)

  10. Did anyone get the license plate number of the trucker with the phone?? I want pictures of the round up crew in action!!!

  11. that's hilarious. We have buffalo roaming near us (and cows)... I pulled over to keep a cow from crossing the road (okay, you can't make this stuff up.. it sounds so funny as I type it). Seriously, I called animal control and they don't deal with cows so I called the sherriff (think barney fife).. he finally gets there and just kinda pats him on his back and he jumps back over the fence. Who knew cows could jump. laura


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