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Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Fragments ~ February 12th

Mommy's Idea

Welcome! Just bring your fragmented self in and have a cup of coffee, I should have made a coffee cake or some other sweet treat for Fragmented Friday. Maybe next week! Homemade cinnamon rolls sound pretty nice, come to think of it.

Friday Fragments is a figment of Mrs. 4444’s(Half Past Kissing Time)fragmented imagination, allowing each of us to clean out the remaining cobwebs from our week. In a way, it is akin to the old “Saturday night bath,” ‘cause you get to wash away any remaining dirt and grit that is still trying to attach itself, along with any parasites! Whew! You’ll feel better. You know you will!

The two main news items my brain latch on to this week were:

The weather, snow, rain, ice, snow, snow and of course more snow. I heard one weatherman say, if Dallas rec’d the amount of snow the forecast was calling for, they (Dallastonians) will have actually rec’d more snow than parts of the Rocky Mountains! Now, that is just plain strange. Oh my, those poor “fair weather drivers of Dallas” – just saying, I bet it has been crazy in Big D!

(But hey, Washington, D.C. is practically shut down. Maybe there is a silver lining here. Ya’ think?)

The other news flash was the fact Iran and Almond Joy were
going to do something to us westerners on the 11th. Must have turned out to be a “water haul” (read DUD) or they are a day late and a dollar short (as my mama would say). Ether way, we have been spared, and for that I am very thankful.

I have spent any extra time I could muster learning to make buttons – er, blog buttons in Paint. Here is one I have nearly finished.

I know it is a little *big* but I am still working on it. Next, I have to learn how to add it as a gadget and make it link back here. I think I may already be working on borrowed brain cells.

In my attempt to learn something new, I stumbled on to a couple of sites that are pretty cool. Tons of graphics, web design stuff and it is free!!! At least what I looked at was free. Here are the two sites:

Just Something I Made

The Graphic Fairy

You can find lots more Friday Fragments by visiting Mrs. 4444’s site, Half Past Kissing Time.

Sweet dreams everyone!



  1. So where are you going to use your buttons? Too cute! I need to learn!

  2. I so enjoyed reading your blog and I love your name. Thankyou for the heads up on the sites, I am off to have a read, but I will return for more, Char

  3. LOVE your FF!!! I am so hoping we are done with snow and ice I am so over winter lol...

    look at you getting all techy LOVE your button!!!

    Hope you have a FAB weekend Cheryl!

  4. Your button is gorgeous!! If you go to My Computer, right click and Open With Microsoft Office Picture Manager, you will be able to "Edit Pictures" then click on Resize (right bottom) Shrink it down to 125 x 125, maybe? Then, go here: to put it in your sidebar for us to grab.

    Thanks for joining in this week:) Have a great weekend...

  5. I use PICNIK to make all of my buttons and you can save photos in any size you want. I paid the yearly membership, which was maybe $30 :)

    Love your start so far.

  6. We even had snow in Atlanta!

    Great job on the button!!


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