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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Working Girls, the Hussy and the Big Guy

Welcome to Sundays In My,Country

Unknown Mami

The "Working Girls" are staying busy. After being on hiatus for the last several weeks, they are now back to producing!

We have fresh eggs, once more!

This is Faith (aka, Mama Horse) only the hussy is either 1) not bred yet or 2) likes attention from the opposite gender a little too much....for a horse.

Hopefully, we will know in about 18 days!

This is the "Big Guy" (aka Trigger, Dusty, Smoke). He has way too many aliases.

The grands call him Trigger. Therefore, he is Trigger.

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May your week ahead be full of warm sunshine and blue skies!



  1. Came here from Mami's site. Enjoying pictures of your farm life. I'll be joining in on this carnival every other week since I feature children from our orphanage on Sundays.

  2. Hello Cheryl, I hope you're in bed.

    Thank you for sharing your farm. Faith is beautiful and Trigger is handsome and the Working Girls, they look busy:)

  3. So sweet : ) Laughed out loud about your horse that is a hussy :)

  4. Cheryl,
    I want to take some time this morning to thank you for dropping by and saying hello. Your notes that you leave behind are ALWAYS so encouraging! Thank you for taking time to look get to know me better. You are always welcome to stay as long as you like! It won't take you long to see that my family is extremely important to me. :) I've met so many wonderful ladies in this world of blogging. I hope you have a blessed Sunday!


  5. I had horses, and chickens and ducks when I was a kid. We had a Dominic rooster that was possessed by a devil, and it attacked us everytime we went to collect eggs! My dad finally traded it for a different rooster.
    Our horses' name was Roxie. I love the country!

  6. I love and miss fresh eggs so much =(

  7. Beautiful photos of the animals... I visited when I was very tired last night! =) Thanks for commenting! Blessed to find you in the blogging world!
    Just Jenn~ Seizing My Day (dot) come =)

  8. Oh I just love your animals! I hope to get some hens soon..well soon as in a few years when we buy our own place.

    Faith has a beautiful face! Have a wonderful week:)

  9. Your title cracked me up. I wasn't sure what to expect but this was perfect!

    Thanks for sharing your City and for the great giveaway.

    Hope your week is good.


  10. Excellent title! You've got a lot of characters over there.

  11. beautiful animals. the chicken is gorgeous, love her feathers.

  12. I used to go to sleep away camp and rode horses, kind of miss that...

  13. Trigger is gorgeous! And I have heard that fresh eggs are the best!

  14. Fresh eggs - yummy!

    Happy 'Sunday in My City' greetings from Cairo!


  15. Lucky you to have chickens in your backyard. I love the sound of a clucking hen. I had a whole yard of hens when I was a wee lass.

  16. I am just about to get started on my own coop!! Guess i'll be heading your way with loads of questions!
    Thanks for sharing-

  17. i want my chickens back----dang chicken hawk

  18. What beautiful animals you have!


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