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Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday's Notes!

“Monday, Monday! So good to me! Monday morning, was all I hoped it would be.”(Okay, that dated me, didn’t it?) But it is good! I love the sunshine and the fact no white stuff is falling!! WooHoo!

Happy Presidents’ Day! I wish we still celebrated this as two birthdays, not so much to have two holidays, but so the grandkids would have a better perspective of what they are celebrating and so they could connect the right president with the right day of the month. However, since the majority of our holidays are now “Monidays” does it make any difference? We seem to be one generic mess!

Due to being ill and putting up with the weather, power outages and other obstacles, I managed to miss the order date for the co-op order this month! If I run out of coffee, not to mention honey, jelly, buffalo, beef and a host of other items, I am going to be in so much trouble with my family!

If you live in Oklahoma and are not purchasing from local farmers and producers through the Oklahoma Food Cooperative, shame on you! You really should take a few minutes and check it out.

Orders for the month are placed online between the first of the month and the second Thursday of each month. Delivery day is the third Thursday of the month. Membership is inexpensive and last time I checked there were over seventy producers selling via the co-op.

The quality and variety of the products we buy is wonderful. The co-op is an excellent source for organic, grass fed, chemical free, all natural products. And another real plus is you are buying locally and helping fellow Oklahomans!

Have you met Jennifer, The Cotton Wife? If you get an opportunity, visit her blog. The link will take you to today's post. It is about her desire to help a little boy who is fighting cancer. Jennifer and I are going to be sponsoring a giveaway to help this cause. We'll have all the details worked out in a few days. Be looking for the post either here or on The Cotton Wife.

I met lots of nice people this past weekend via the computer! (So many of my friends live in my computer!) You can go to yesterday's post and follow the button to "Sundays in My City". There you will find people who commented about life in their communities from around the some of the places, it was not even snowing!!!

Stay warm and safe.



  1. Hey, the signature worked! Woohoo!

  2. Okay I am embarresed to admit I didnt even realize there was an Oklahoma Coop...I will definately be checking out that link you provided! Then I am off to visit Jennifer...
    LOVE your siggy!

  3. Cheryl - I am one who should be shamed -but not for lack of trying - I went thru a different site and ended up only finding farms where I had to buy $600+ dollars at a time. I love this! I am going to look over this and start using it! How cool!

  4. SO many of my friends are in my computer too. We really need to start buying from a co-op. I tried one place and it did not work out, but I really want to find another. I especially want to get grass-fed beef. We are lucky to live in a place that has a ton of farmers markets throughout the week.

  5. I wish we had a co-op or CSAs around here. I'm going to start asking around farmers markets when they open back up in spring...


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