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Monday, February 1, 2010

I Am So Excited!!!

A Little Valentine Treat

I am so excited! (Besides the fact that there is still much evidence of our ice storm!) I had planned to post this earlier, thus ending the contest a few days earlier. But Oklahoma weather has a way of interfering with the best of intentions. Nevertheless, you are going to love this!

You know, when you go blog stalking…er, hopping….blog hopping, sometimes you meet the nicest people! Recently, that is what happened to me. Through a series of clicks of the mouse, I meet Tiffany, who makes beautiful jewelry. We did a bit of emailing and visiting, which enabled me to meet Kit, Tiffany’s sister. Kit is a fulltime student, with a minor in studio arts and as fortune would have it, like Tiffany, Kit also makes beautiful, unique (as in one of a kind) jewelry.

You can see Kit’s gorgeous jewelry on her website, Mountain Birdie Gems.

Tiffany and Kit have very graciously donated a beautiful necklace for me to giveaway!!! Isn't it lovely?!! (If you read the post earlier, you know I am still looking for my camera, however, Tiffany and Kit not only provided the necklace, but they also had my back on the pictures! ~ Thanks, girls!)

Here is the written description of the necklace:

The chain length is 16". The heart is a freshwater coin pearl, with a heart shaped bundle of almost 30 garnets. The cluster of garnets is wire wrapped together tightly and is about 1" in length.

Take my word for it, it is stunning!! And I love, love, love garnets! The coin pearl heart is tiny and so very delicate looking, adding even more beauty to the overall appeal of the necklace. It will make someone a beautiful Valentine treasure!!!

So how can you win this wonderful treasure?

First, you run on over and take a look at Kit’s beautiful handiwork. Next, become a follower of Mountain Birdie Gems. Return here and tell me, you became a follower of MBG. Also, tell me which is your very favorite item on Kim’s site! If you are not already a follower here, you will receive an extra entry for becoming a follower.

So to recap….

You will receive one entry for visiting Mountain Birdie Gems and becoming a follower! (Be sure a leave a comment here, telling me you are now following MBG.)

You will receive another entry for commenting (here), posting your favorite creation from Mountain Birdie Gems!

And if you are not presently a follower of Prairie Maid, you will receive a bonus entry for becoming a follower! (Simply leave a comment telling me you are a follower or have just become a follower! Don’t make me have to think.)

Please, be sure a leave a way for me to contact you! Winner will have 24 hours to respond. If there is no response another person will be selected. Thanks!

The winner will be selected by the random number thingie February 10th and mailed February 11th (provided there is not another ice storm! It we are iced in, it will be mailed as soon as we can dig out and make our way to the post office.)

I would love to see Mountain Birdie Gems receive 30 new followers!!! If her total followers goes to 35 by February 10th, I will sponsor another giveaway!!!

If you would like to take a peek at Tiffany’s jewelry, click on the button for The Silver Cottage in the sidebar.

Be sure and check back often! We are going to feature a number of giveaways and contests the next few months! You do not want to miss a thing!

On a side note: It is wonderful to have electricity once more!! I am blessed ~ I have hot water, plenty of light, and can use the computer again!!! Now, to find my camera! ~ I am sorry to update, we are once again without power. Ice and limbs continue to fall and the poor power crews are struggling to keep up! Please pray for the guys out there trying to keep things running.


P.S. Georgie, if you are reading this, your sweet Mama said, this necklace has her name written all over it. *smile* Mothers’ Day is May 9th! *wink*


  1. LOVE the necklace, it is so pretty!!

    I adore the "A little bit of Purple" and became a follower of her website

  2. I also became a follower of your blog :)

    Hugs from Marian, duthy on MJF where I found you.

    LOVE your blog.

  3. On a sidenote: HOPE you are doing fine. I read about the ice storm you had! We have had SO much snow from December till now and it still isn't gone. They predict more snow to come YIKES!!

    Stay warm girl and safe ofcourse.

    Hugs again from Marian

  4. Thanks, Dutchy! It is good to see you!

  5. How lucky am I to stop by your site today when you announce a give-away? I'd say pretty lucky.
    I also stopped by Mountain Birdie Gems and became a follower of her blog too.

  6. P.S. I also became a follower of your blog.

  7. I adore her knotted necklaces-they are beautiful,classic and timeless

  8. and lastly I have been a follower of yours...yes that is a pretty necklace my mom picked out do you that was meant as a hint? LOL

  9. I love the simplicity of the copper and onyx necklace she has listed. Love it!

    oh...I am officially a follower!


  10. not sure how or if I did it right to become a blogger here Cheryl. Pretty necklace.

  11. Okay... I became a member at MBG as hookangel screename. Very pretty stuff there.
    Hugs, Bren

  12. Very nice stuff, Cheryl! I became a follower of hers, too. Thanks for letting us know. Hope that you're having a great day! Love ya.

  13. I'm a follower of MBG, I love her Budda necklace, it's my fav. This necklace though it gorgeous! Thanks for doing a give away! I'm also a follower on your blog.

  14. Follower of MBG! Sign me up!


  15. I became a follower! Actually, my favorite thing on her site is the necklace you're giving away LOL! But, a very close second is the "Prate's Life for Me" necklace. Love it!

    ~Siobhan (clothedinscarlet on MJF)

  16. I am now following Mountain Birdie Gems.

  17. I think my favorite thing at MBG is the Colors of the Sea II pendant. But I could see getting a whole bunch of the blown glass goodies and using them to decorate a mini Christmas tree.

  18. I am now a follower of Prairie Maid.

  19. I love the Silver pearls at MBG, they have so many pretty things, it was hard to choose.

  20. I am now following Prairie Maid.

  21. I was just going to say that that necklace looks good enough to eat. Then thought, why not follow instructions to have my name thrown in the hat too? So I am now a follower of both sites. That necklace in particular is my favourite but the Key to Life one is really interesting as well.

  22. Circle of Harts
    AA+ Hart coin Pearls, Fresh Water Pearls and Garnets
    Sterling Silver Toggle

    is my favorite necklace. I have became a follower of both blogs & Am excited to have found you. I hope you visit me also! I appreciate anyone who does giveaways.....thanks!!


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