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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Family Traditions

(For) “Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.”

Isaiah 9:6


Hello, ladies! Thank you for all the nice comments yesterday. You are such a blessing in my life! I try to go and comment on each blog that joins up; however, I was having major problems commenting on some, including my own. (I did finally get to look at all the “followers” though ~ Ya’ll are looking good!)

Anyway, I have been busy reading what you have to say! You gals R.O.C.K.

I wasn’t going to join the White Christmas in July meme. At 104 degrees….thinking of Christmas is pushing it! Then I read the memory verse selected for, Summer Thoughts A ~ Z. We are up to the letter ~ U ~ “Unto us a child is born….”

Familiar ~ Comforting ~ Heaven’s Splendor

So it seems, it was meant to be.

I love the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas….it is a season unto itself! I love the fall colors, the crisp feel of the air, and the sense of JOY that shines on everyone’s face. Then those beautiful colors of autumn begin to fade, giving way to the glitter and sparkle of Christmas….the twinkle lights….the reds ~ silver and gold.


We love making many of the gifts we give. In the past, we’ve given warm homemade cinnamon rolls to neighbors early on Christmas Eve morn. We prepare baskets with homemade cookies, breads and jellies….Orange Slice and Rum Cakes. We make beef jerky for the guys and Fannie Mae Fudge for the gals. We laugh, smile and giggle a lot!

One of my very favorite


In our entry way, I take 1½ to 2 inch wide, wired Christmas ribbon and make an outline in the shape of a huge Christmas tree. The ribbon is twisted and folded and push tacks are placed in the folds and points to secure the shape.

(Next, everyone gets to help!)

Then we cover the interior of our tree with pictures…both past and present! Pictures of aunts and uncles who are no longer with us, pictures of children that were frequent visitors when our grown kids were small, along with current photos of those same “kids” with their own families, grandparents, baby pictures ….. We work until the area is completely covered with pictures, connecting one generation with other generations.

Everyone who comes, both family and friends spends some time in front of our “display” ~ looking, recognizing, laughing,



Making New Memories!

What is your favorite Holiday tradition or decoration?

(Holiday…read ~ Holy day)

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Remember tomorrow is Fearless Friday!  If you have a prayer requests, leave me a comment or send an email.


  1. Christmas at your house sounds WONDERFUL! My favorite tradition is baking the cookies because it draws everyone together in the same room for a whole day. :)

  2. I loved reading this post this morning. With the hottest part of our summer upon us, it was fun to remember Advent, that time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, when we reflect upon our Savior leaving the glories of Heaven and coming to RESCUE us.

  3. Oh how wonderful! I've never thought to do that, but what a great way to incorporate your special friends and family memories! Like Cranberry Morning, Advent is a vital part of our Christmas celebrations and one of the traditions with that is each day my grandkids come to visit, we take one Christmas ornament and talk about what it means. And, if the ornament was a gift from someone, we'll pray for that person.

    Thanks for such a fun visit to your site. Have a lovely and "cool" Christmas in July :)

  4. Oh, how I'd love to be your neighbor at Christmas. I bake for mine too. I couldn't agree more that between Thanksgiving and Christmas it's a season of its own. My favorite season is autumn and favorite holiday Thanksgiving but you do realize that it's because it's all leading up to the wonderful day--Christmas day.

    I'm glad you changed your mind about participating. Or should I say, your mind was changed for you. ;) Talk about perfect timing. Thanks for sharing and joining in, my dear. Stay cool. :)

  5. Oh! And thank you for taking the party with you. I don't think it will be too big but I happen to like intimate get-togethers better. You think if I offer a Ferrari it will liven things up a bit? ;)

  6. Happy White Christmas in July!! It's so hot that I think people may be wishing for snow! lol

  7. My boy will be home just before Christmas and that will be my FAVORITE thing this year! Especially since he spent last Christmas in China! And wants to go to Israel for Christmas next year. LOL!

    I've always made Christmas cookies and candies in abundance and shared with co-workers and friends.

  8. Such interesting and meaningful traditions! I especially like the ribbon tree and photographs of family members from different generations. Such a wonderful way to connect everyone to the past and to one another. Great idea!

  9. I love all the same things about Christmas you do!
    I had to pick just one to focus on for my post or I would still be typing! LOL
    I agree about the weather it hit 114 here today and thinking about Christmas helps to keep me cool!
    Merry Christmas!

  10. Happy Christmas in July! What a lovely tradition. We have many, but one that I love is choosing an evening to sit and watch "It's a wonderful life" with my husband. 22 Christmas's and counting... :)

  11. You sure do know how to keep the Christmas spirit alive! Thanks for your lovely idea and thanks for sharing it even though it's so hot where you are. It's winter here so I'm truly in the Christmas spirit!

    Best wishes,


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