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Friday, July 29, 2011

Fearless Friday, July 29 and A Little Chat

Yes, it is Friday ~ Fearless Friday, when several of us commit to praying for you...for each other, for our families....etc.

There are many prayer request, some of which break my heart.
But we need to "talk".  This past week has been stressful.

DS#1 and family came for supper last Thursday, a week ago.  At a little after 2 a.m., I rec'd a call from Melissa, our d-i-l.  She had their oldest daughter, Chasey, at the ER.  A little after 4, she called back to say they would be doing an emergency appendectomy as soon as they could everything lined up and Aaron (son) would be bringing the other two grands to me.  Aaron got here a little after 5 a.m.  I had coffee made, I had given up on sleep at this point (but I did nap a little between 6 and 8 that morning.).  I was so out of it, I forgot to ask you to pray for Chasey (who is ten years old).

This passed Tuesday, Melissa (yes, same Melissa, Chasey's mother), had to have her gall bladder removed.  (I had the kids again.)  
Wednesday, I did something very dumb.....left the house having only drank a couple of cups of coffee *no food* to run some errands.
Went to our little community store, stayed and visited too long.  I did eat some peanut butter crackers and drank a can of Dr.Pepper.
Drove to the grocery store (forgot to mention the a/c is out in my van and it was 104 degrees!)  I was going to purchase a bottle of water at the checkout stand, but got busy visiting and "forgot".

 By the time we (the clerk and I) got the groceries loaded, my head was hurting and I was getting a little dizzy.  

Decided to go by and check on Melissa.  She actually looked pretty good for just having surgery.  
I got a bottle of water and a glass of good!

Got home and realized I had been gone a little over three hours ~ out in the heat.  While putting up the groceries, I drank another glass of water and three glasses of tea.  I then sat down to rest and ended up sleeping two hours.....with a house full of kids!

After the evening chores, we had frozen pizza for made the kids happy.

Yesterday, Chasey (ten y/o grandchickie) had to go back to the doctor.  She has shingles....she's 10...most likely caused by the trauma of surgery.  The doctor is encouraged that there are only a few sores and he doesn't think anymore will breakout.  I am praying he is right.

In the evening, I had to take "T" (14 y/o) over to our friends.  They are leaving and will be gone 4 - 6 weeks.  "T" will be feeding and watering their animals, as well as watering plants, and their yard.  He is excited, but again we were out in the heat...too long.

So, today I am going to the doctor.  I haven't been in over 8 years....not my cup of tea....I am not looking forward to going.

It is nearly 3 a.m.  There is no way I am going to get this week's prayer requests or anything else posted.  I am so tired.

But, I wanted you to know, I will be praying!

I may try and write up the prayer requests tomorrow ~ Saturday.  I'll just have to see.

I learned one fun thing.  "Baby" the two year old horse likes to eat ice.  He is so funny....but he loves it.

This is Baby when he was little (his name is actually Rodeo).  In this picture, he is about two weeks old and is crawling out from under the round pen.  He would do this so he could play with the grands, follow us around, or hang out with the dogs and cats.  (That's his Mama's white legs.  She would get so upset when he would escape!)
He finally got too big to crawl under!

He is still spoiled.  I love it!

Here, he is about 10 days old and is hanging with the (then) 5 y/o grandson, Jailen.

Anyway, I just found it funny, he likes to crunch ice!

The heat is hard on all of us.

I will let you know how my doctor's visit goes.  

In the meantime, you and your family will be in my prayers.



  1. though a thousand are at are side, ten thousand at our right hand, they will not come near us. We will only behold with our eyes and see the reward of the wicked....Psalm 91...No matter how many foes we face Father God, we stand firm, we stand fearless before them for You have made us more than conqueor's, we can face our foes triumphantly. We glorify Your Name, we honor You, King of kings and Lord of lords..The Great I Am. The God of the impossible. Thank YOu for doing more than we could ever ask, imagine or pray for. Thank You that in all things You are working good in our lives...amen amen amen

    (((Cheryl)) Love ya girl and standing in the gap.

  2. Oh Cheryl. Sounds like you and your family have been under fire. Will pray.

  3. You have had a challenging week! I am praying for you all.

  4. Praying for you, my sister-friend! Sorry I've been so caught up in my own drama that I didn't realize that you were "under fire" too! Be careful in this heat! It's been crazy this year! And come back soon to let us know that you, and yours, are all okay! Love ya!


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