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Thursday, July 28, 2011

“It could happen"….Top Ten Lists!

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“It could happen"….Top Ten Lists!

And for a description of what we are listing today, here it is in Beth’s own words:

We’ve done dream lists, with unlimited budgets, and bucket lists here before.  Today we’re going to inch a little closer to reality and list the top 10 things that you would buy (for yourself) if the budget would tolerate it. Try to keep the dreams somewhere in the same realm as reality … in other words no mansions, yachts, etc. Just 10 things you would like that could happen …

Background info:

First, I should tell you….we live in a very old mobile home.  Long story, made short ~  Thirty something years ago, we built a nice three bedroom home.  After a few years, decided we wanted more land.  So, we bought more land and bought this used mobile home for our “temporary” living quarters.  Life got busy and we needed a change, moved off (for a very short time) only to decide that was a mistake.  So….moved back and sold the land, then moved our home onto land owned by dh’s family.  Again, life got busy…

Because of illness, we had to move in with and take care of my mother.  She owned a nice three bedroom brick home on ten acres and we considered staying there; that is until the medical bills started piling up.  In the meantime, we are putting three kids through college, two of which got married and the other one had a baby (I know, wrong kid).  To make matters more interesting, dh and I adopted – two boys. 

Dh’s oldest brother dies and we are needed to help with my mother-in-love, my mom passed away, we sold her place and moved back into the mobile home, again “temporary”. 

Temporary has been since 2003.  (We don’t want to finance this venture, so we operate on (little) cash.  Actually, God has blessed us with a good income.  I do not want to make light of that.  But each time we start to build, something comes up, somebody needs something….yada, yada..  (I'm not saying this grudgingly, because we have been blessed beyond measure in many areas....our calling has just been different from most.)

So if my list sounds…a little different, that’s why.  And eventually, I’ll get at least part of these….

A nice cabin like home with a big front and back porches, the back one screened in.

A new laptop, I just told our oldest granddaughter she could have my old one.  I don’t use it that often, but once she picks it up, I know I am going to miss it.

An energy cleaning machine, which would require more explaining than I can handle at the moment.  The cost is about $300.

New furniture (for that new cabin in the woods).  I could tell you a funny story, sad but funny….don’t have time for that either.  Sorry…..later. ;)

A porch swing…nice and comfy ….for the front porch of the new cabin.  Maybe one for the back porch, too.

New wardrobe ….but I’m getting to where I so dislike shopping.  Maybe it is an age thing!

A vacation, with all the kids and grands….maybe a three-day weekend in eastern Oklahoma…this could happen, sooner rather than later.

A vacation, just honey-hunk and me…longer than three days or maybe, three days a year for the rest of our lives…that would work. 

New cookware would be NICE!  Le Creuset in the RED would be ideal.

A few days away with just my gal buds….like Beth, Linda, Terry, Angela, Parsley, Heather, on & on …..all of you, because you are like Sisters!  And meeting in person would be such fun.  

 (Actually, I am working on this last one…kind of….so any of you, who are able to come to Oklahoma….probably somewhere in northeastern Oklahoma, in area around Grand Lake of the Cherokees, you need to keep your options open and check back regularly.  I have a wonderful, sweet, lovely, insightful, funny speaker, who is agreeable to come…..and be a part.  Planning lots of fun “girl stuff”, fun stuff, fun food, and some other surprises…..working on an exact date….and where.  I can tell you, it will be future….out there, because our speaker is “booked” but willing to work with us….and making reservations for a group (as in how many ?, duh) is an interesting experience, but not impossible.  So start saving your pennies!)



  1. Can't WAIT for our Girl's Retreat! And I would LOVE to visit you at that cabin whenever God allows that dream to come true!

    I sent you an e-mail last night that I doubt you've read yet. I'm having a rough day. Thanks for praying ... even when you don't KNOW how BADLY I need the prayers! They are the only thing keeping my head above water!

  2. It sounds like to me that you are one special gal. I hope for you all that you wish for and deserve. Great list.
    Peace...Naila Moon


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