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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Building Our Homes Together ~ June 22nd

Building Our Homes Together ~

with Jesus!

(Blogger isn't wanting to load pictures today....everyday it seems to be something new.)
At least we can visit with one another...that's a blessing!

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Picture one of those little girls Mary Englebreit draw's tapping her foot.  The caption underneath reads ~
Must Change Attitude!

I smiled to myself at the thought, “How is that house cleaning coming along?” while nearly tripping over one of the seven pallets of sleeping grandkids on the living room floor.

This leads me to one conclusion ~ When things do not happen the way you planned, it is much better to accept life’s interruptions with a smile and enjoy them as the gift they are.


The BBE (Bible in Basic English) translates Proverbs 31:25 this way:

“Strength and self-respect are her clothing; 
she is facing the future with a smile.”

Do I face the future with a smile?

More than a house, I desire a home.
More than clean, I desire harmony.

Rather than strife, I desire peace.

Rather than ‘Susie Spotless’ (anyone remember Susie?), I desire to be like the lady in Proverbs 31.  I want to embrace the future and be able to smile, rather than look toward it with dread.

That’s not to say I enjoy chaos!  But some amount of chaos is going to be with us, unless we isolate ourselves from those we love.  And how can we invite the

~ Fruits of the Spirit ~

LoveJoyPeaceLongsuffering GentlenessGoodness
                               FaithMeekness Temperance

to dwell within our lives, unless we are willing to be flexible and accepting to those God sends our way?

Do I want a house that is a total disaster?  No.

What I want is for those who enter our home, to feel  

I want – from the very youngest, to the very oldest to feel  

“at peace” 

when they come.  I want God’s presence to reign over everything and everyone.

I have a friend who recently shared with me, that after praying one morning she felt lead to tie small red ribbons and hang above the doors in their home …. Just a small reminder.

I have another friend that once she finishes “deep cleaning” a room, she anoints the door of that room with oil and prays over the room and all who will be entering.

Is there something that you have felt lead to do?  Do you allow your home to become your ministry?  Does the presence of God feel welcome in your home?  

My prayer for you is that above all else, your home is a sanctuary from the outside world.  When you walk in the doorway, you are able to smile and relax, not fret over what hasn’t been done.

Obviously, with seven very active grandkids here, cleaning has been put on the back burner…except for the ever present (happy) hum of the washing machine (clean clothes are such a blessing, after being without a washer for nearly a week!).  The pool has been busy!  And while they have played in the water, I have had time to go through more papers and I was even able to write a note or two.  Little things yes, but moving forward….smiling at the future!

If you could see seven kids (three teaching the other four) how to milk, you'd be smiling too!

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Please kept Taylor in your prayers.


  1. Good post! I love (and am committed to) the idea of our homes as ministry. I got a blessing yesterday when my husband's college age niece, visiting from Florida, sighed and said, "I love this house!" It is that home-keeping, done as unto the Lord, that she is seeing the result of.

    Thanks for the encouragement today!

  2. Miss Prairie Maid, you make my heart sing and smile!!!! I agree 100% with your post her. Yesterday I had so many plans............but it was not about to happen. Our home yesterday was a sanctuary! A place where we took the time to love on and also taking time to heal......both physically for our daughter and emotionally for our granddaughter (Ellie on the loss of her horse).

    Don't know what is going on with blogger and the pic's. Shows me how spoiled I am when I can put pic's up!

    Thank you for getting ladies to pray yesterday for us. You are a blessing!

    Hugs, Linda

  3. Aw Cheryl ... more pondering to do! I've been so fretful over the mess that I know my home isn't the haven that it should be. Thanks for the thoughts!

  4. This was such a precious beautiful post...

    When you walk in the doorway, you are able to smile and relax, not fret over what hasn’t been done.

    .amen amen amen...When the enemy comes charging at my mind..'you haven't done this, you haven't done that, what kind of mother are you, bla bla bla'..The Holy Spirit whispers in my ear..'Angela, rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him'...

    I have learned that the more stressed I get about what needs to get done...NOTHING GETS DONE!

    I keep reminding myself and calling out to the Lord.."Lord, it's You that will give me the strength, the joy and the love to go about my day getting what needs to get done. Let it be a time of blessings, a time that I do as if I am doing unto YOu'...amen amen amen


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